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    OK guys, I've tried Timberlains, NewBalance, 3 or 4 different brands from Walmart, etc. I'm thinking about trying Red Wing, but I hate paying that much if the shoes aren't gonna even last 1-2 years. I need something waterproof, something that breathes well and something that is comfortable. I've got problems with pronation also, so it would be nice if the sole were replaceable. I just don't know if the Red Wing shoes are gonna last long enough to replace the soles. I also mainly do lawn maintenance, so I don't want boats on my feet. Any ideas?
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    Look at the new style hikers that are meant for work. Most will be in safety tho. Wolverine is probably the most comfortable.But like tires, the softer they are the faster they wear out. Believe it or not, there are boots out there that will feel better then tennis shoes at the end of the day. But you will not find them at Walmart.
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    Keen work boots.
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    Your askin a lot Sweetz. A year from any pair of boots or low cuts is good in my book. We got jungle rot down here. I wear magnum tacticals made for wet environments and they are done after a year.
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    You are very correct, I tend to wear out the liner and tread in the coarse of a season and will replace as needed. Normally when I get tired of slipping its time for new ones.

    To the OP $150 for a quality work shoe is money well spent. The guy that I have on full time always wore nike or walmart work boots. I gave him a $150 gift card and told him to get some decent shoes, he now sees the value in it.
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    Good Luck!
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    I wear American-made boots. I refuse to wear anything else. But even then a year is about the max I get out of them. Invariably the rest of the boot is in such bad shape from getting wet the sole is not worth replacing. I am currently wearing Thorogoods but will be going back to Red Wing. The soles are not holding up near as well.
  8. I wear $30-35 running shoes that I grab from Marshall's....I get about 6 months per pair and then toss em....with our rainy summers a year for nice boots sounds like its good....
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