Shoot me some discount ideas!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by aflawncare, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. ponyboy

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    Neighborhood discount 5 or more houses in a stop gets a better price
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  2. rbljack

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    I tried both methods. One year I offered a free mowing on a coupon to new annual customers (to be used in October or Nov when then things slowed down). really sucks doing a bunch of free mowing for those last two months...LOL). I switched to a free fertilizer application, and that has worked MUCH better. Fert can be done quickly, and makes the grass grow, and look better. Id rather offer a free fert treatment than a free mowing job. I can fert a yard in about 1/4 the time it would take to mow the same yard. Most of the yards we do are residential lawns that are not very big, so the fertilizer cost isn't too bad.
  3. herler

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    Forget discounts, doesn't work, been there, done that, got the T-shirt.
    Way it works is I'll end up getting busy but I'm stuck with a mess of low prices, oh but I have the answer so then I try and raise them but lo and behold they drop me and boom I'm back to square one.
    How many times I tried that...

    Worse still is I find myself doing less work (or I spend less time doing it right) when I'm doing it at a discount rate.
    Not working as hard for a lower rate, when I raise them I still don't feel like working hard.
    Doesn't work.

    Instead what I learned is do a little extra for every customer, every day, every visit.
    Whether that's picking up the newspaper and putting it at the door or whatever you want to do, but do it, each and every visit, a little extra for every customer. Keep doing that, every single day, every last customer, keep doing a little extra without fail.

    When (yes, when) you get busy you simply drop doing the extras and your prices are straight.
    Some customers will notice but few will drop you on account of that little extra.
    And as a bonus, you're all used to working a little harder for the money.

    That's what I did in the worst of the recession, takes a while to get it going but once it does you're set.
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  4. DXN1EL

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    People don't need cheap work!
    Let say I place something in my truck like. "20 dollar cut"
    I will only get calls from people that like to have their little jungles.
    People don't need cheap. They want quality work, all you need to do is let you work speak.
  5. LewisLawn

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    give the discount to the existing customer for referrals to work they get you once the new work is completed and paid in full....
    or discount for multiple services provided the more you do the more the savings add up
  6. pseudosun

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    I never experimented with discounts. It seems pointless to me. I'm not interested in someone looking for a break from the start. I'm interested in someone who is happy to pay me regularly for what i do. A discount will always be in their head.

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    We do refferal bonus for existing customers.
    You send a new client my way I give you a 25 dollar break on your next invoice.
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  8. Middle Tennessee Lawn

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    Four people it is called LSI they mow all metro schools and nearly all apartment complexs here we do have a few other heavy hitters here but I do not beleive many lco are of there size i was told they will break 50million this year thats almost 1 million per week
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  9. echo

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    Family operated and business in 8 states. Pretty awesome.
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  10. billc1004

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    My lawn de-thatching bottomed out and no body was getting in down ,So i sent out customer loyalty cards for a thatching discount . signed up 100 out of 140 accounts . then talked them to re seeding at the same time so money recouped on the thatch discount .worked out well .Then one time i went to a local grower and picked up 100 or so 4 ft dogwood trees at 20 dollars the planted them for 80 dollars total . another time i went to the grower purchased 200 azaleas and small rodos told them they were left overs from another job sold ever single one on a saturday even to non clients . made about 500 dollars that day by myself. so my discount was more like a great deal rather that giving away something for free .. fall i sent out a few small mums to my better customers for free only cost 2 dollars each ..

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