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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mottster, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. mottster

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    Postin some pics of our shop. Kinda clustered up right now, we just got done movin about a month ago right before mowin season began, so no time to organize yet. 10,000 sqft.

  2. mottster

    mottster LawnSite Member
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    another pic for ya.
  3. mottster

    mottster LawnSite Member
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    whoops...try again...

  4. alpine692003

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    damn .. how long did it take you to get where you are now?
  5. CHAN

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    You might look into getting some low-bay lights for the shop if those are not bright enough for you. They say that one puts out as much light at 40 8ft flouresent lights on 1tenth the amout of electricity. This is the kind of lights you would find at the local service station. The shop is nice wish I had one that big.
  6. captken

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    Is that other post yours??? You are 18yrs. old? profile needs updatin' son.
  7. mottster

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    Not my company. I am their crew leader, however. I'm 19 now. My boss is 19, also. He's been at it for prolly 7 years.

    Thanks for the light tip. My boss's dad was an electrician years ago so we was officially incharge of the lighting situation. The pics don't do much for how bright it is since the camera automatically darkens the background with all the light.
  8. lars

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    Another great way to brighten things up is with paint. The last two buildings I have been in have had the shop walls painted white and the floors painted as well. It makes a big difference, sometimes more than lighting.

    Wow, 10,000 square feet. That's a lot of space. How big is the mechanic's area and how big is the parts room?
  9. mottster

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    Well i feel like a dumbass now. The shop area that you see is 5,000 sqft with the offices, which i'm standing on to take the pic included. i got the 10,000 from the outside fenced in lot which is 5,000 sqft. Sorry about that.

    as for the mechanics area? We perform the maintenace where you see the mowers at now. The tools and blades are stored in the upper part of the second pic and the parts are on the shelves on the right hand side of the second pic.

    Our pesticide storage room can't be seen in the pics but it it off to the bottom right hand of the second pic.

    The shelves on the left hand side you see in the first pic we got from Home Depot to hold our fertilizer and ice melt on. Right now we have our 2 and 3 step application in stock. Beams in the shop are 18 foot so we use the skidloader with fork attachments to move the pallets when the trailer is not in there. the trailer is 20 foot. I'm workin on building the sides you see on it to hold grass and making the gates more mower friendly since it was originally used to haul just the skid loader.

    OUr trimmers are on the wall in the first pic back in th eback by the rear garage door. WE have a front garage door that's 12 foot high and has an opener. helps ot have a big door for holding trees we're going to plant inside.

    The white chevy in the first pic is my own truck, not the company's
  10. Team Gopher

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    Hi mottster,

    Thanks for posting the pics, very nice shop.

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