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    I am hopefully buying a house within the next month or two, one with a large enough garage to store all of my equipment and have room to stay organized, work on equip, etc. I was reading somewhere about using storage containers. I figure in about 2-3 years, I may be growing out of my garage so I will need more room. Do any of you use a storage container? I would want to put it on my property out of site somewhere but I would imagine there are ordinances against it. If you do use a container, do you have one at your house?
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    Those storage containers are a great idea. You can get them for as low as $1000. and they are about the size of a semi trailer(big), I even saw a guy that bought around 10 of them and built his house out of them. you can cut big sections out of them and join them together to make huge spaces, and even run electrical, and hvac to them. But to use them, you would have to be in a rural area, no way a subdivision is going to let you have one these on your property. I think one of the big costs involved with buying them is getting it delivered to your site and then being able to move it around. I bet they weigh around 15K pounds empty!
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    I guess I'll have to buy some land in the future, and do that. A storage container or two and a third for an office.

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