Shops V.S rental storage units?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bunton Guy, Aug 2, 2003.

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    At what point do you justify moving into a shop? Over the last few years I have accumulated numerous trailers,trucks & pieces of equipment that no longer could be stored at my house. For the last 2 years I have rented space at a local storage facility. To be exact I rent out 2 large gravel parking spaces and one small gravel parking space and 2 indoor climate controlled buildings
    (10X10). My bill is nearing $300 per month and a decent shop in our area of over 2K square feet is going for between 800-1500 per month. I need a spot where I can park all the trucks, equipment ect... in a safe spot and dump numerous loads of leaf mulch and clippings every week. Storage units just dont cater to my needs very well at all but at what is the breaking point that made you jump out and get a shop?? I see several guys at the storage place that I rent at run multiple cutting crews just out of the storage lots. Then again I have seen companies that have 1 lawn crew and have a good sized shop.

    Also for those of you who have you rent, own or lease? Whats the pros & cons? I can see renting I might not be able to dump my leaves from fall...owning I would have to find a nice size of land and throw a shop on it with extra costs and a large loan hanging over my shoulders...any insite?
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    I work from a storage unit, but I don't have a whole lotta equipment or vehicles to work with, so I'm good for now. There are 3 other LCOs that work from my storage place, as well as numerous other companies. It's a cool place to work from. BUT, I have been kinda looking around on the side for a place to put a shop at. Unfortunately, shop space is limited around me, and I am certainly not in a position to build a shop on a piece of land. The absolute last thing I want to do is put stuff at my house. I don't have a huge farm or piece of land, and I would like to keep my home seperate from my business.

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    I have a storage unit/shop :D It's 20x40 with 14" ceiling. It has electric and water and has a restroom very close by. I pay $295/month for it. And while big ones are desireable to people wanting to get in one (read: waiting list) it is slowly becoming a pain in my azz :( I've had it for four years and I need bigger, and in particular, more outside area. As they have added on to this place, they have created more traffic, sometimes I can't even get in because someone has the road blocked. I have run out of room inside and loading and unloading gets old. Ideally I would like to keep it, but it would be much more practical to dump it, build something in the backyard (maybe a 20x30) and get an enclosed trailer. Of course I would need a much better truck.
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    14" ceiling? Man your back must be killing you after a couple minutes in there :D

  5. Keith

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    LOL, nice catch :p Make that 14' :D
  6. He would be laying down.............

    I have use of a large barn and still rent a 1200 sqft space out.

    my shit farther back.jpg
  7. Out back...

    Everything in one place saves lots of time and money.

    With local zoning laws it is hard to find places to be able to store stuff like mulch ans salt on site.

    out back.jpg
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    LGF did you have a certain amount of trucks or accounts before you moved into that shop/barn space? What made you say " hey its time to get out and get a shop " ?
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    we lease a shop and yard space for a majority of our business. we have outgrown this site and looking for another suitable property. its not easy though. also in another part of the state we rent a 10 x 20 storage unit and two parking spots. the crews that run out of the other area drive the company trucks home. the storage lot is probably safer with cameras and passcode entry, however there is no electricity so we need to cart a blade sharpener to one of our commercial accounts. we also have no office space or fax machines, etc in the other part of the state so I need to borrow our clients copiers and faxes to send things to our office or vendors.

    each companies overheads are going to vary. if a rental spot isn't working I would say its time to lease or buy. Although, leasing allows for growth in the future, unless you buy a huge plot of land from the start.

    5 years ago, our shop was a perfect size for the company. Last year we knocked truck doors and mirrors off because its been a crunch. and in the winter when all the trailers, bulk material, pallets and extra loaders are parked its interesting to say the least.

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    security is should be the biggest concern at what it cost to replace tools its scary. a local lco had all his stuff stolen right out of his garage by a former employee. i had a storage unit with all my mowers and tools in it rent got to high so i moved out.
    three days later it burned to the ground. guess i was lucky

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