Short block or full replacement?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by bmackkc, May 22, 2018.

  1. bmackkc

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    Hello, all.

    This evening my Hustler Super-Z died while my wife was mowing. It's a 2007 Kohler Command 30, CV750. Long story short, there is no compression at all, a large oil spill on the left side of the engine, and I can also feel puffs of air coming from that area when I crank it.

    Would you agree this is likely a cracked block?

    My main question is whether I should buy a short block, or do a full replacement? Price is a concern, of course, but if there is a good reason to do the full engine, I'd do it. From a skills standpoint, I am no pro by anyone's definition, but can certainly handle a full replacement myself, and have two mechanics (one auto, one locomotive) willing to assist.

    finally, is there a better choice for an engine? Or would switching engines be more complicated?

    I'd appreciate your thoughts and advice.
  2. JayinKs

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    How many hours on the engine. If it has over 1000hrs I’d prob do a full replacement. If less, may go short block. Have you checked the price difference between short block and full replacement? Regardless of hours, if your only talking $500 or so I’d go full replacement.
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  3. Walker56

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    Without pictures, it is hard to tell what happened. It may be a rod that let go and blew a hole in the case. If you are feeling air coming out, that is not good.
    A short block is around $941.00
    A new engine, based on your spec, will be anywhere from $1800-$2200
    Here is the service manual for your engine. Look it over to see if you could handle the swap over if you choose a short block
    As was mentioned, total hours are a determining factor.
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  4. piston slapper

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    Buy a new's cheaper in the long run..
    The new short block will only have a 90 warranty...and being a novice you may overlook some problems during the install.

    A new engine has a 3 year warranty..
  5. grass disaster

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    Buy new. That's a easy decision .
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  6. OP

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    Thank you...I think I'm going to go the full engine route. She only has a little under 800 hours, but I'd rather not risk there being unknown damage to head or other part not replaced with the short block.
  7. OP

    bmackkc LawnSite Member
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    I think that's the way I'm going to go. thanks for chiming in!
  8. OP

    bmackkc LawnSite Member
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    Walker 56, AES Lawn here in the KC area has this engine in their local DC for $2100. I am going to see if they will match one of the online stores. There are several offering the engine with a wide price range as you mentioned. Do you recommend any as reputable?
  9. Walker56

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    We use Tulsa Engine Warehouse or OPE engines. Both only charge a small fee for shipping (Tulsa charges $9.95). I think that the small shipping charge requires a commercial address so call and ask. I believe residental deliveries might be slighly higher since they have to send a truck with a tailgate unless you have a loading dock nearby. We have purchased at least ten engines from each vendor over the years with zero issues.
  10. xxl

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    Nothing like all new stuff just buy a new complete engine

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