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i was thinking, what a freakin rat race it is here in nj, and anywhere else where we have such a limited season, as well as sooo many variables, in the lawncare business. first, comming out of winter dormancy, we need to worry about crabgrass, april, and may is spent on crab grass and weed prevention, then we quickly move on to the humidity of june and july, accompanied by fungus, disease, grubs, and insects, as if the excessive heat isnt enough. then, once again, weeds are a concern, quickly followed by the cool season, aeration, thatching, seeding, and finally winter hibernation. and all this occurs in a 7 month stretch. man, talk about not getting a fair shot. by the time we address one problem, its time for another, and then it's quittin time. anyone else feel the same?


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Not for nothing, but my cousin was a large operator in the Middlesex County area back in the late 1970's, all of the 1980's and up until 1993 or so. He moved out west because the competition in Middlesex county was so nuts, he gave up. He was primarily doing new housing construction development installs. Out west he's doing custom installs to rich people and drip-irrigation systems and doing very well, so much business he has to turn it away constantly (no advertising, all business from word of mouth, has a few crews all working for him, he's now a true manager of the business, gets dirty only when absolutly necessary). And he works probably 10.5 or 11 months out of the year.. January is his only slow month.

BTW, I'm talking Arizona. Population growth something like 35% a year. So much development going on, he's a damn millionaire.

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