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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by Shady Brook, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. Shady Brook

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    I am interested in a ballpark price that one would pay for a new Shortcut. Probably a 54" deck, preferably a 23 Kaw, but am open to other options, even the 17 if it is powerful enough for that deck. How do they compare to the Wright Standers of a similar size?

  2. mowerconsultant

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    A 23hp Kawasaki 54" Shortcut has a MSRP of about $ 8700.00

    They can be bought for much less, check your dealer for price.
    We have some new units @ the factory.
    There are a lot of these units out there, and many happy owners, there are a few LS members that have them also.
    The concept of the Shortcut was to replace a hydro type walk behind.
    It will cut and work as well as a rider or wb of the same size, but will go in tighter areas due to its compact size.
    The H-Bar steering is the best you will find for this type and size machine.
    If you find a unit with foot switches in it still, you will be able to stand up while cutting also, but the new units do not have switches anymore do to a patent issue with another mfg......

  3. Doc Pete

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    And as soon as Hustler decides to offer more power on their WB's, and hooking up a "bullrider", Hustler will "basically" have the same machine as the Wright Sentar. However, with the superb H bar steering, and separate standing platform, it will be the mower everyone will be copying....... Go to it Hustler!!!
  4. gorrell

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    I've got a 54" shortcut with the 20hp Kohler and it's been a very trouble free machine that does an excellent job for us. Definitely better than a walkbehind.............Lynn
  5. blairbuc

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    I have the short cut 1500 with upper deck ...kohler 25.

    Its is a lot faster than my walk behind. But if that grass is not dry you lose cut quality it you go beyond 4mph. I like to stand and lean on slopes and I can with the short cut. I like the position of standing or sitting and the support of the H bar takes the load off my back muscles for stable riding. It is the perfect mower to fit in between the WB and Rider and with the bagger and the upper cut deck it is excellent with fall leaves. I get 130 lbs of leave in that unit and they are chopped so fine, cars wizzing past the piles can not move them. I posted earlier, but I find the semi sitting semi standing postion of the short cut more comfortable than a sit down, but being able to grab on to an H bar and get support from the bar is a big factor. Pound for pound , foot print to foot print, the short cut packs the most punch if you get the upper deck you can trim with both sides of the deck. The upper deck is slower going than a side discharge due to all the clippings that have to be processed. The upper deck can hold 2, 4 , 6 or 8 blades. For grass just use 2 or 4 blades. The more you stack the finer the mulching but you lose ground speed. For Fall leaves go to 6 or 8. In short, for the residential guy who does not mind 5 mph ground speed and wants a slightly better cut, get the upper deck. If the lawn is kept up every 7 days the upper deck will not give a better look. If its gone 11 days it will cut it up finer with one pass but can't do the impossible. If you are a pro, and want 8 to 9 mph passes, I would go Side Discharge but you will need sharp blades and after 4 hours you will notice the blades getting dull and you will have to drop ground speed regardless to avoid the pop ups.

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