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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by zcases, Jul 3, 2002.

  1. zcases

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    I am curious about retail price on the shortcut - 60" side dis, 25hp gas. How about used value on this type of unit, 2 yrs old with 1000 hrs?

    I don't see a lot of posts on this model compared to the Z's, how do they compare?

  2. Doc Pete

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    The basic design of the Shortcut is great. However, besides the bagger being a joke: dropping the grass on the ground only instead of putting it in bags/box (as the name suggests), the wheels suffer from the same mentality as the WB’s. And that is, too small diameter and too small sidewall. I’ve tried to modify the Shortcut with better tires, but the brake system will not allow smaller rims (bummer).
    Anyway the Shortcut also suffers from the same syndrome as a small Jeep or Geo tracker, which it too short a wheelbase. The Shortcut rocks fore and aft, like a bucking bronco. The easy way to find out for yourself is drive one on rough ground. You will find out fast. Furthermore, if you ask any good dealer, I’m sure they will admit the Shortcut won’t be in production for much longer. That should tell you the whole story.
    Good luck,
  3. blairbuc

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    what do you mean dropping the grass on the ground instad of bagging. Is this on the side discharge or the upper deck. If anything, my upper deck with 8 blades is extreamly strong with the 3600 rpm option and 25 hp Kohler. Mine is a 2001, I know earlier versions has less power and less rpm. What year is yours?
  4. Doc Pete

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    As with many things Hustler does, they come so close to perfection but miss the mark, as with the standard WB and Shortcut. Many of us wonder who Hustler is listening to. In the case of the Shortcut, the Bacvac must dump it’s clippings on the ground when it’s full. Now ask yourself, how many customers that want their lawn bagged will allow you to dump the clippings in the back of their beautifully manicured lawn? Not many I’ll bet. And, to remove the clippings from the property, you must first dump them on a tarp and then manhandle them into your truck. That’s very unproductive. Exmark and others have the very nice catcher system that dumps the clippings in bags and lets you throw the clippings from the bag directly in the truck.
    Finally, Hustler may have thought about using the Bacvac to dump leaves on the curb in the fall, but that’s such a small part of the seasonal work and not allowed in many states, that again, someone at Hustler just wasn’t thinking. I’m glad to see they are now offering bagging systems like Exmark that are much more practical and efficient than the Bacvac.

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