Shorted me $10.00????

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Green-Cuts, May 5, 2006.

  1. Green-Cuts

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    I recently got an account for a lady that is her house and a 4 plex across the street she owns. I mowed her last saturday and she wanted me to come back on thursday(today) and mow again. When I got there she gave me $60.00 in cash and said that was for the last saturdays service.

    I quoted her $70.00 for both properties, $25 for her house and $35 for the 4 plex. I had a bill for her that was for the $70 but did not give it to her because it was an aquard situation. What would be the best thing to do in this situation. I did not have the bid on paper. Should I send her a bill for the $10.00 that she ows me, add it on to her next month bill?

  2. WalkerMike98

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    25+35=60 correct.
  3. Soupy

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    It was probably an honest mistake. Call her and verify that she understands the price.

    When you enter payment does it automatically carry the balance over to next invoice. If so then just enter the payment of $60 cash then it should show balance forward $10 on next invoice.
  4. Soupy

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    That's funny :laugh:
  5. Full throttle lawn care

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    Not all of us are the sharpest tools in the shed.LOL:clapping:
  6. Mrk'sLawn

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  7. Charles

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    Ok thanks ALOT!! I spit out my coffee laughing:waving:
  8. CutInEdge Lawn Care

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    Well all I can say is this must be my first AQUARD moment too... But good luck in your future endeavors. I believe I read somewhere that the US is short on math teachers. That might be another option for you!!!!
  9. Charles

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    Uh hum, lets not be too hard on the guy. You misspelled(AQUARD) "awkward":laugh:
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    It's alright so long nobody has any cases of diarrhhia.
    But yes, 25 + 35 = 60 :cry:

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