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should i be working harder


LawnSite Member
okay i have been in business for 3 years (since i was 11) and i have 19 accounts and a few "one timers" accounts and i also have a full line of commercial equipment but the thing is that i see all of these other kids on this website with ztr's and 50 accounts and i just feel that i am behind. I have always been a competitive person wether it be sports, business or, grades but should i be working harder? i come home from school every day and mow till dark and i hope to get a truck/trailer when i turn 16. As of now i have...
Billing system (send out bills each month)
Commercial equipment (as seen below)
600+ flyers that i put out about a month ago
And im only 14 but i just feel I am behind. am i just a crazy moneyhungry kid that works too hard or should i be working my @$$ off even more than i am now. any opinions would be appreciated.


LawnSite Member
Cicero NY
I say you are doing great for your age. You are already doing more than most other 14 year old kids. just keep doing a good job and the accounts will start to come your way.


LawnSite Gold Member
Your doing fine. Dont waste your teenage/highschool life away like I did because you were working all the time.


Also, Make your money work for you, dont work for your money. Such as opening a retirement account at 14 and start off throwing a couple grand in a year to start out, then once you start making more money with your business put more and more in each month/quarter/year, and you will be able to retire at 40, if not sooner.


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Actually there is only a couple with that many accounts, most of the teens on here have between 10 and 25 i guess. I am at the low end of that, but am working on picking up a few more. Want about 25 at some point this year.


LawnSite Bronze Member
From the sounds of it, your doing pretty good.

Now don't get me wrong, there are a few young guys on here that appear to be doing quite well, but I'm sometmies a little skeptical of some of these teenagers that claim they have huge mowing empires and are out doing landscape design and big installs.


LawnSite Silver Member
Man, you are doing just fine. Don't forget to be a kid and have some fun. Make sure to balance work, school, fun, friends and trouble.


LawnSite Senior Member
I started at 13 and wasn't anywhere near the level you say your at now. Don't worry about growing the busness or "falling behind" at that age. Have fun and enjoy your youth. You have the rest of your life to worry about building a lawn care "empire", but you'll never be able to go back to being a kid once its over.