Should I bring my (partner) to small claims court?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by soloscaperman, Apr 1, 2013.

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    You say in your first post the school gave him all four checks. If the checks were made payable to him, the school wont give you a 1099. They issue those based on the payables.
  2. jeffll

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    Educate yourself on small claims court rules, this is not so difficult. Soon or later this knowledge will become useful. This is how to do it:

    1. Read small claims primer here:
    This gives general overview of the process in simple terms, I like that flow chart that explains process. That material will get you familiar with basic concepts.

    2. Each state law is slightly different. So call your local court clerk and get information on how to file a claim, most of them have decent quality information packages that will help you with filing a claim in small claims court, it’s not very expensive.

    3. Enjoy!
  3. Vanderhoff Landscaping

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    Seems to me that if you take him to court to "punish" him and you win and then he decides to "get even" by vandalism or even worse, it could cost you a LOT more than the $400 you say he owes you in the end. Personally, i would just let it go. It doesn't seem to be worth the time and effort to me. As a previous poster said, don't stoop to his level. Karma is a ***** and works in mysterious ways! Consider it a lesson learned and move on.
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    Reading this guys description I would stay away .Don't know if you have kids or not ,but you have too much to lose. This guy sounds like he's on the way out, with nothing to loose. I'm sure your victory in small claims court wont bother him ,with the other issues he's facing. Fight the smart fight . Your time in court will cost you and your lack of, peace of mind will cost you much more. Let the dust settle. If he's not in jail in near future ,maybe you as a concerned anonymous citizen report him to your local drug enforcement agency or dot if he's running a commercial vehicle. Since you say he works while high. Screw with him on your terms. Sounds like he will take care of himself in the end with all the issues you listed about him.
  5. mkwl

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    It's people like that who give this business in general a bad reputation.... Walk away from this as a lesson learned and steer clear of losers like that ...
  6. Grassmechanic

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    Being out several hundred dollars right now is the LEAST amount this will cost you. Drop it and walk away. It simply is not worth it to pursue this any further.
  7. Father&Daughter Lawn care

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    It is going to cost you around $125 just to file your claim.If this guy has pending cases with a criminal court you are probably SOL. Cut your loses now. Walk away

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