Should I buy a Snapper ZTR

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ealbertson, Feb 27, 2002.

  1. ealbertson

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    I did a search and didn't find anything on the Snapper. I can get a 60" Snapper ZTR with a 25hp Kohler engine on it for $7500.00. It is a dealer unit with only 15 hours on it. The model number is ZF2500KH. I was ready to get an eXmark but am not sure now. Any advice will be appreciated.

    Thanks, Ed

    SUNSHINE LAWN LawnSite Member
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    My dealer said he does not sell hardly any of the snapper mowers because for one they have outdated crappy transmissions. Almost exclusively, the only mowers used in this area are toro and scag. Although I 've never owed a snapper, I tend to go by what the mechanics and my dealer recommend and what the majority of other lco's in this area are using.
  3. C4chris70

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    I don't know too much about the Snapper ztr's because there aren't any dealers in my area. I have several friends who run Exmarks and swear by them. I looked at a number of mowers recently and decided to buy either the Toro Z Master or the Scag Turf Tiger. I ended up purchasing the TT because I liked the shaft drive to the blades, and Toro doesn't offer the new deck design with the 22hp liquid cooled Kawi this year. I have been using my TT for about a month now and love it. This unit has plenty of power and cuts great. Hope this was some help.
  4. Turfdude

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    Demo the unit first!!!
    I own a 52" snapper z-rider. Not real crazy about the single stick - must be careful making turns. It does not aero turn well - more like a k-turn. Find out if it has the newer hydros. Mine burned out w/ about 1200 hours. I ate the labor, snapper picked up 2 pumps at $1000 a piece.
    My machine is a '99 model so the newer decks are now re-inforced where gearbox is (mine got replaced free under warranty and has been no problem since). I also had to have the drive shaft replaced under warranty. My dealer sells tons of these and has designed a better drive shaft which is serviceable and is awaiting a patent in conjunction w/ Snapper.
    Personally I've seen most machines out there and tested a few. I like the looks of the new hustler z and the deck warranty and overall unit production. I also believe Bobcats to be pretty well built. Many others like exmark or DC's. Test before you buy!!!

    Good luck.

    BTW, The main reasons I purchased this machine were 1. At the time, my trailers were 5X10 and 5X12 so I couldnt get a 60" or 61" deck and 2. This unit was very much discounted as it does not have as many of the nicer features as the 61 (lights, cup holder, twin tanks, etc) 3. I got a true $700 trade in on a 44" toro that was 11 years old and had sat for 2 years - the unit had made its money - noone wanted it and it was no use to me other than a trade. The dealer scrapped it for parts.

  5. LJ lawn

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    from NJ
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    i had one of the older ones -a 92 model.i liked the joystick control.i thought that it wasn't a well made machine.i fried the hydro -replaced it for $300 (gotta go direct!) and some other parts,but it was used and things were starting to go. i think there is no comparison between an exmark and the snapper.exmark/toro has it hands down!.
  6. KirbysLawn

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    I wouldn't. I just looked at a Hustler today, brand new 60" with 25 HP Kaw for $6900.00, a much better mower. I think you will find much better support and interaction from them also.
  7. Exmark Gravely Hustler.

    Don't buy a home owners machine.

    Those are all in the same price range also.
  8. wattsup

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    I own a 2000 61" Snapper ZTR rider. I have not had any problems. My machine stripes really well. I have friends with other manufacturer machines which cost more money with "better" names, but they do not mow as pretty as my Snapper. The price you are getting is too high. I bought mine new for $7,200.00 with one year free service/parts agreement. Also, the transmission on the Snapper is the exact same as Exmark, Scag, and Bobcat. There are probably more manufacturers using the same transmission, it is becoming universal. The deck is the same thickness as most, the only one I could find thicker is Great Dane. Plus, the baffles most people gripe about becoming constantly clogged are not present on the Snapper.

    Lots of luck!

    If that is the best price you can get, buy the Exmark.
  9. pax3

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    I had a 60' Snapper ZTR a couple of years ago. I traded it in for and Exmark, and would never even consider buying another one. It did stripe very nice, but wasn't worth 2 cents on sloped areas. Also the highest deck setting it had was like 3.5 or 4 inches which makes it impossible if you have to go over a curb or something. In my opinion they are not commercial mowers. Spend a little more money and get the Exmark. You will not regret it.
  10. Hoosier Mower

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    Last year when I first started out I had the Snapper mower your asking about and let me tell you personaly that at least mine and I've heard other people agree with me that they are the biggest piece of crap on the market! The deck is made cheap, the transmission sucks,the discharge is terriable and thats just to name a FEW of the problems. I've switched to Dixie Chopper and are in ZTR heaven now. This is just my opionon but I'd stay away from Snapper unless you won't a headache.

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