Should I buy a Walker GHS?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DMS, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. DMS

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    Currently, I am mowing about 70 accounts, most of which are residential. I am looking for a new mower and am interest in a Walker 48" GHS. I don't know much about the brand and have some questions. 1) What size of a motor would I need to support a 48" GHS? 2) How is the cut on this mower? 3) How much grass can you put in the collection system before you have to dump, I know there are different size collection systems, but I want to know how many lawns can you do/ or acres cut before you have to dump? 4) Where do you dispose of the clippings, my local village won't allow clippings to be burned in the city limits. 5) How does the mower handle in wet grass? If anybody is using a Walker, can you please give me some advice. Thank you!
  2. Mowman

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    This all depends on what you want to do with the mower. I myself are in the same BOAT as you as far as NO WHERE to dispose of the clippings. Therefore I own a Walker MTSD w/ 52" sidedischarge deck. I run the double blade set-up and have cut grass as tall as 10" down to 3" in only one pass and it looked just fine. No more double cutting and NO BAGGING. This set-up is totaly AWESOME. I would only use the GHS once in a while so when I feel I need to collect leaves or other stuff I just rent one for the day. So to answer your question, DEMO a Walker with the 52"SD with the double blade set-up and JUDGE for yourself. I wouldn't spend the extra $$$$$ for the GHS model.
    Good Luck,
    Happy Walker Owner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Currier

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    Walkers are great machines. Exceptional cut quality and very easy to manuver. If you are doing 70 accounts now you will be thrilled at the results of the Walker. Last year I talked a friend into buying, he had done this biz for years just using 21" mowers. he hardly ever uses 21" mowers anymore.
    Any farms, people with large garden areas, or folks with cows around you? Those are excellent places to dispose of the grass.
  4. walker-talker

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    The number one advice I can give you is do a search on the Walker on this website. You will find many answers that you are looking for. I personally own a walker 26efi with 48ghs and am buying the 52"mulching deck, dethatcher kit and speed up kit next week. The speed up kit is only $20 extra. I will use the ghs deck in the spring and fall for cleanups. I used the ghs all last summer with the deflector shield and just blew the grass out the back. It did ok, but leaves a mess and sometimes you will have to double cut. I cant wait to try out the 52" with doubles. Mowman sold me on that one. The Walker was designed around the GHS. I have no regrets paying extra for that feature.

    How big are you average lawns? The Walker is small and compact, good for smaller lawns. If you have larger lawns, then maybe the Dixie Chopper would be a better choice.


    SCAPEASAURUSREX LawnSite Senior Member
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    If you have a local dealer that you trust and can count on for support, parts , etc.. Then it wont be a mistake.... The Walker is a little slower than some of the Z's but it is par more menuverable in tight spots.. It has excellent quality of cut... great striping... The 20 hp is good for the 48" GHS.. BUt if you can afford to go with a little larger engine prefeably the Diesal or EFI.. THis way if you want to go with a bigger deck in the future , you wont have any problems... The best advice I could give you is to go to your local dealer and talk with them about it and what your expectaions are and if the Walker will meet them.. as far as the clipings go , depends on how course or fine your grass is and if its wet, and so on ..... There is no easy one answer for that .. But I can tell you on normal accts here, which are about 50 x 100 lots , I can usually do 3 to 4 of them without dumping , again dependign on the time of season, and hight.. My .02 cents...

    Good luck

    PRECISION LC LawnSite Member
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    I am currently in my third year of business and I purchased a new walker for this season. I did get to use it for some clean ups and regular cuts and i noticed i was moving faster than me running my other 48 toro w/b w/ velke. i know over time it will be come easier and fast. this also helps because i know the machine will be able to handle almost anything i will throw at it with out slowing down. i run a 48" ghs and the 52" s/d double blade version. when i was demoing i used the 52" and it was great it fit through most of my gates so it will be my primary. just like above teh 52"s/d is the way to go if you dont have to bag. Of course the thicker that yard the more grass so you will have to dump more there are to many variables. speed and ajility are great for small to med. yards. There are a little bit slow for big open areas, i wouldnt recemend the speed up kit because i have heard bad things about it as far as handling, people that i have talked to who have it , say they never go as fast as it can when mowing, only use it when transporting on pavment. but you can swing the extra $$ teh 26 efi is nice, but 20 hp would get the job done.
    good luck,
  7. RMDoyon

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    I agree with all of the above.
    Let me add that if you are solo the GHS will save you HOURS in cleanups in the fall. It will also do double duty with the rear deflector in place.

    Walker-Talker, I think you'll find the 48" GHS and the 52" DS with doubles the killer setup. That is exactly my setup and I use the 52" as my main deck as well.

  8. DMS

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    Precision LC

    You have probably made the right decision by mowing to pay for college. Mowing has paid for my all of my college education expenses at a public state university as well as all of my current equipment. Keep on cutting brother. Thank you for your input it is greatly appreciated.

  9. landscaper3

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    We run 3 Walkers and if business increases wont hedsitate to purchase more.
  10. HacMan91

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    I agree with everyone else on the cut of the walker. We run 2 walkers and a 52 exmark. I havent demoed the 52 walker, ours are 36" with 16hs kohler. In our market we bag mostly and use gators on the exmark. The only cons we have is wet grass or heavy dew, it builds up in the intake chute and clogs alot. the 36 doesnt hold a hill very good. But where the walker lacks the exmark makes up. All the above comments are true, the cut and bagging are excellent. I would definintely buy another when these wear out, but it would be a 48" next time.

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