Should I buy Mulch in Bulk or as needed?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by westernmdlawn, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. westernmdlawn

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    Hi all.... Just trying to decide if it would be wise for me to purchase mulch in bulk quantities and stockpile it on my property or if I should just go buy it as I need it. Right now, the local mulch yard is selling mulch at $22.05 per yard, loaded dark bark mulch. Red died mulch is about twice that amount, loaded. If I'm going to be going through a sizeable amount of mulch this year, which I believe I will be, would it be more cost effective to stockpile it? What I would like to do is stockpile it (if it will stay good for a while and remain fresh with high quality) and use it for my purposes, as well as sell it to people who want to come get loaded. I have a front end loader at my disposal. Thanks Guys
  2. BW4486

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    If you use a pretty good amount, I dont see anything wrong with buying in bulk.
  3. sodzilla

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    My local suppliers are all around $20 also. The big one in the area will sell it to me for $12.95 a yard if I buy it in bulk. They deliver it to my place or the job site with a semi. 80 yards at a time.
  4. NCSULandscaper

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    I just buy in bulk when i need it. I use to store large piles at the shopyard, but its just as easy to go get it each time. I pay $10 a yard eitherway.
  5. jwholden

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    What is a 'sizeable' amount in your parts?

    The loader is on the site all the time, not at job sites?

    Will you make enough money loading other guys trucks to justify the time spent loading and lost working on your own jobs?

    How much can you buy mulch for, including delivery, bulk? How does the quality of this material compare to what you have been buying?

    You should consider these questinos. I would love to buy bulk but don't have the machine or space for it. The timesaving of not driving to my supplier would be worth it alone. :)

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