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Should I buy this Scag?


LawnSite Member
Morrison, CO
I am just starting out and am acquiring equipment.

My local commercial dealer has 2 used 32" walk behinds. Both are about 4 years old.

Scag 32" for $800
Lesco 32" for $1000

The Lesco was maintained by the owner.

The Scag was service by the shop.

The Scag looks more beaten up but they recommend it.
They are offering it for $200 less because of they way it looks.

Should I buy either one?

I also have a 21" Honda, a gas trimmer, small ride on John Deer,
16' trailer.



LawnSite Member
Monroe, CT
about how many hours does each one have? also what is the year 1999 or 2000. also do you know this dealer, have you done business or talked to him in the past. I ask that only because he maintained the lesco so it might be in better shape, and the engine might have less wear and tear.

Mlc gmc03

LawnSite Senior Member
depending on the hours on the machine and what motor is on there i would say ya get it its not a bad deal but i wouldnt buy any scag without a kawi, but also how much are u going to use it maybe you could do a 90 days same as cash if u are gonna get alot of use out of it because u will spend alil more now but be way ahead in the long run


LawnSite Member
Morrison, CO
He did not maintain the Lesco, the owner did. I have done little with them, just research. He only said they were about 4 years old and didn't know the hours on them. Should I ask for a limited warranty? What should it include if I can get one?