Should I buy this truck?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Steve's Mow & Trim, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. causalitist

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    your 22 .. shoulda bought a lotus exige or a vette with a giant turbo anyway ...
    those were in ur price range ...
  2. Runner

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    The advice of having a different mechanic look at it is sound advice. You don't how these guys know each other. If this guy brings work to thjis mechanic, then yeah, he's gonna help this seller out by talking the truck up. Furthermore, 1500 is NOT that great of price for truck. This truck is 17 years old, and it is just a plain 2 wheel 1/2 ton. I would shop around a bit. It has had a motor swapped, who al knows done with electrical and such, etc..
  3. boxsky

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    I'm picking up a Ford F250 XL Reg cab, 8' bed, matching cap, Ford Bed Liner, 5.8, 4wd, Auto, clean condition for 4100.00

    The neighbor kid uses a Ford Ranger. Of course all he does is push mow.
    At least he is smarter. He does not low ball. I've seen these guys in brand new trucks with brand new equipment lowballing like crazy. A lawn I charge 40 to do, they are charging 23-25. Must be just trying to pay for the equipment.

    A good saying is "Keep It Simple, Stupid" I think this fits in with the vehicle guidelines
  4. workinallthetime

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    ive been a gm tech for many years so i know about the truck you are looking at. If i was in your shoes I would do a surprise visit to the shop and have the mechanic walk out with you and fire up the truck. This way you hear the engine run cold and w/o them knowing you are going to show up that will prevent them from doing anything to the truck before you show up. Drive the truck and feel the way it shifts, does it take a long time between shifts or is it a crisp shift into and out of all gears? let it idle and put your hand on the top of the stearing wheel, is it shaking? Power stall it and see if it shakes but dont break the tires lose. Look at the wear on all the tires and see if you have even wear all the way around, if it has new tires you cant really check the front end w/o knowing what you are doing. slide under it and look for leaks with a flashlight engine trans and rear diff. look at the backing plates for the rear brakes and see if they are clean and dry. towing pakage,lol you mean it has a reciver hitch on it. ask what they towed.
    sounds like a good price for a beater an engine or a trans will cost more than what you are paying for the truck. as for previous repairs its a pretty basic truck most mechanics can work on that old thing.
    happy truckin
  5. brucec32

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    Just remember it's a $2,000 truck, not a $20,000 one, for a reason. It's older. Things will go wrong with it more often.
    Can your business survive having its main vehicle in the shop for a few days or weeks while its being repaired? Will your customers tolerate the delays? Most of my new customers come from other lcos who can't seem to show up on time for various reasons.

    I would not accept any comments from interested parties such as the seller's mechanic as to its condition. Spend $100 and have it checked out by your mechanic, or a company that specializes in inspections. I've had them find serious problems in beautiful looking $30,000 Lexus before. If they won't let you take it there, they're possibly hiding something. Other companies wil drive out to the vehicle to check it there. If they object to that, run away.
  6. Steve's Mow & Trim

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    Anyone running a descent sized business with only one truck to pull there equipment, in my opinion is stupid! You always need a back-up just in case your vehicle needs repairs, I have another vehicle that I have been using in the past to pull my equipment, so Im not too worried if something breaks down. I plan on using it as a true work-truck (loading it with dirt, mulck, yard waste, etc, I wouldn't wan't do even do that with a $20k truck.....I wouldnt want to put so much as a tiny speck of a scratch on it.

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