should i buy this truck?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by White Oak, May 24, 2012.

  1. White Oak

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    i was doing some truck shopping this morning and found a 1999 ford f350 for sale on craigslist. The truck has 84k miles and is a single cab. it also has a plow and spreader. the only problem it has is the drive side door has rust and needs replacing. The truck seems like a good truck, the problem im having is that since it way a plow truck all its life, what do you think the undercarrage is like? should i be worried about that? The best part about this truck is that hes only asking $850:drinkup: if it turns out to be a clunker, i could alwyas use it as a parts car for another one of my f350. what do you guys think?
  2. noahb195

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    I say go for it. If it has the ole 7.3 get it for sure!
  3. dieselss

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    What motor? Go look at the undercarage and see what it looks like? Then make a decision
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  4. hosejockey2002

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    For $850 there is no question that it IS a clunker. In my area a 3/4 ton pickup is worth $400 in SCRAP in any condition! If it does run it probably needs major work to make it a good truck worth using for a business. The question is, how much work do you really want to do to it and how much more money do you want to spend?
  5. Outlawn

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    I agree, it probably isn't in good shape at all. It's gotta have a Triton V8 for that price. Even a junk 7.3 would've been gone by now, I would think. Heck, if the body is in decent shape you could make your money back just off the bed and front fenders!

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