Should i charge more??? (fall clean up)

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by cuttin-to-the-Max, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. cuttin-to-the-Max

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    Ok so what i need to know is do you guys Charge more if your customer just wants all their leaves mulched up during the fall (which includes all leaves in beds, driveway, and EVERYTHING!)

    I am leaning towards charging (at least) double my normal cutting price what do you guys think??

    Because im not gonna do this for less than that First we gotta blow out all the leaves from the beds and off the driveway into the lawn then its gonna take me at least twice as long to cut the grass/ leaves
    I rather just put them in my truck with the loader!

    Also its not like he wants it done every week he wants it done every 2 weeks
    Thats why its a ton of leaves...... IDK
    Someone help me out here!

    Oh yeah its for the front and back yard....
    Front has like 2 big trees then the back has like 6 or 7 trees if that helps!

    Do you charge more for this???
    What do you charge?
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  2. stuntmanlogan

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    I would charge at least double or maybe more depending on how many times it would take me to mow over them. Say you mow the whole yard 4 time to get all the leaves mulched up, I would probably charge them for two and a half mows. Just me because yeah I am mowing multiply times but im not trimming and the customer probably wouldn't pay for more then that otherwise it would be getting close to the same charge to just pick them up.
  3. sdk1959

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    With a decent mulching set-up a layer of leaves 6" or less you should only have to mulch them once, if the grass is thick and the leaves dry you could mulch up to a 12" layer. People don't expect perfection when you mulch especially if the fall season isn't over and you have more visits to make.

    I mulch leaves almost exclusively save for one small property I dump on-site and charge 1 1/2 to 3 times my mowing rate. All depends how often I visit and the amount of leaves.

    Mulching take less time than leaf pick-up and removal unless the property is very small and you can reach everything with your leaf-loader hose.
  4. cuttin-to-the-Max

    cuttin-to-the-Max LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I just dropped off his invoice i charged him double the normal and a quarter of the normal cutting rate Ton of leaves! Looks like it was time to mulch them again...
    He will prob. call me tomorrow! I'll see what he has to say!
  5. chefdrp

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    How in the heck do you mulch 12 inches of leaves? Even 6 inches is crazy.Tell the client NO, and use a loader.

    THEGOLDPRO LawnSite Fanatic
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    if you have to ask if you should charge more then yea you should charge more.
  7. soloscaperman

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    Wow your nuts mulching 6-12 inches of leaves lol.
  8. sdk1959

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    Not the whole yard that thick with leaves but if there are some leaf piles that are that high after blowing out from under the shrubs and out of the beds, yes it can be easily done. After mulching a pile that high if the grass is thick the mulched leaves will practically disappear in the grass, if the grass is thin any excess mulch layer can be easily dispersed with a blower. Simple. But if it is a heavily wooded lot it has to be done in several visits during the season, not all at once at the end.

    If I get a call late in the Fall season for a Fall clean-up on a heavily wooded lot I turn it down because by then it's impossible to mulch & I'm not set-up to haul away leaves nor want to be.

    Unless you know a farmer of which there are few in my area to take your leaves there are scant few free places to dump so you would have to tack on dump fees to your bill.

    If a customer in my area has a large heavily wooded lot and waits till late November to call someone they better be prepared to open their wallet or checkbook nice and wide. Four man crews, dump trucks, backpack blowers, walk-behind blowers, dump fees, windshield time to and from the dump, this all doesn't come cheap. Daylight is at a premium at that time of year and everybody wants their yard done in a 2 week period. So if a customer balks at the price, tough, they can pay the price or do it themselves, nobody at that time of year is hurting for work.

    If they choose to have their leaves mulched or picked-up over several visits during the season instead of waiting to the end they would save money because all that extra equipment and manpower would be unnecessary plus thier yard looks like good for all of fall instead of TOTAL CRAP by waiting till the end. Stupid is as stupid does.:hammerhead:
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  9. Bob_n_weave

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    I agree 100 %
  10. topsites

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    I don't know about how much more I would charge but I know I wouldn't do it for less.

    I suppose this is the one time where, despite the economy and regardless of the fact that none of us can really
    afford to turn work down, leaves is nevertheless a subject that even after 9 years I won't do for just anybody.

    Futherkomcers done rode my ass over in years past, done rode me till I was sore through and through,
    no single subject has left me feeling more wore out than doing the leaves... Other than maybe not getting paid at all.

    Now much like the person you quoted, I'll do them and I'll charge a fair price.
    But I ain't doing it for FREE.
    And on that note I ain't doing them "cheap" either.

    Then, my regulars come first because yeah, EVERYBODY wants them done.

    As to how much extra I would charge, that would depend on how much work it is.

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