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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Varmint PT, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Varmint PT

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    I have 13 yards in one neighborhood where I cannot use a 32" mower in the backyard because the geniuses that designed the AC systems placed the outdoor units in such a manner that I cannot pass between them and the fence. On these backyards I must push a 21" which adds lots of time to my day by the end. My question is should I tack on an extra 5 spot for the time and effort and risk losing the accounts to the illegals, or stop being a whiny baby and suck it up? It's not like the exercise will kill me. Note the location, 15 minutes outside during our summers feels like 2 hours!
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    If your not going to upcharge anymore than $5, I think you should. Now $10 would be my number, but like daddy says : "little pigs eat and get fat, HOGS get slaughtered." You can be a little pig and charge $5 more, but anymore than that and your being hoggish. Keep in mind now, I'm a hog because I will not push mow nor take an account with push mowing unless the $$$ was right.
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    Thanks, JLM, 13 yards really adds up in every way (time, money, effort). The only thing I'm worried about is the onslaught of fresh "away teams" that Mexico has sent to mow in this area, I just know they're gonna lowball the hell out of me.
  4. Green Feet Lawn

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    I'd say let em lowball. You need to get paid for your time. I have a couple properties that need to be done with a 21". In giving the customer an estimate, I tell them that I will need a smaller mower which tacks on to the price. I had one customer decide to take his fence out to save the $10/week. I love it
  5. kilgoja

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    how big are the backyards?...i only have one with a gated backyard with a small L shaped grass area around the only takes like 5min though so not a big deal to use the if it took more than 15min i would definately charge more...13 yards at 5 minutes is only about 1 hour total pushmowing time which isn't too bad but 13 yards at 15min is about 3hrs...time starts to add up quickly....i don't wanna spend 3hrs or more in a day pushmowing on top of the 2-3 hrs i spend trimming already lol...back when i was 20ish i worked for a guy and they put me trimming 6 hrs a day and doing a scag walkbehind on a few wore me out then...i can't imagine doing that now lol
  6. Varmint PT

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    The larger yards may take 10 more minutes, the smaller probably add about 5. But the way I am starting to think is that they are paying me to relieve them of their hassle, so if I get hassled its gonna cost 'em.
  7. kilgoja

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    yeah if i had that many i would probably raise them all at least $5...just say business costs have gone up alot which they have

    RECESSION PROOF MOWING LawnSite Senior Member
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    It would be great if this were 1990, you could easily say to customers, "I need an increase because of X,Y, Z". But you better be ready for them to go elsewhere. Now is not the time to lose customers because you'll never get 'em back. Not with Mexicans mowing for cheap and everybody jumping into the mowing game. Recessions force people to bid cheap and customers know this. There's no stupid customers willing to accept $45/cut lawns that their neighbors are getting for $25. Those days are over...
  9. yard_smart

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    It's not about time, energy, or if it's hot. It's about profitability. I know that every minute one of my two man crews are on a property it cost me $0.94116 with that being said if it took 5 extra minutes and all i wanted to do is recoup cost your $5 "bump" is not un-rectifiable.
  10. yard_smart

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    I disagree. .. . Only 3 reasons a prospect doesn't buy
    - they don't like you or your attitude
    - you didn't explain your presentation well enough
    - you triggered an ill feeling about an experience with a previous sales person.

    Price is 0.00003% of the reason

    You hit a home run on the 3 above and your golden!

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