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Should I do it?????????


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jackson, GA
Need advice. I live about half way between ATL and Macon GA. There are lots of lawn maintenance companies around here. I have a ZT 60" that I use on my own land. I was thinking of going into business for myself but everywhere you go, you see a lawncare truck. I am looking into the paver business (less competition) but I just wandered if you guys could give me any beginner tips. Thanks!!

Varsity L&G

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Greenville, SC
Speak to a dealer in your area and find out if there is room for you. Might have to ask around at a few but you will see after awhile. I see room for it here. Seems the prices are still in the high range to me.


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It's hard to beleive that there isn't room for one more. So what I would ask is this:
1.) Do you already have a truck and trailer?
2.) Do you already have a string trimmer?
3.) Do you already have a blower for grass clippings that land on the driveway/walkway/road?

If you already have these things then all that's standing between you and some extra cash is an ad in the local paper. If you have to go out and purchase these things, making a coniderable investment, you should probably do a little research first. But don't be fooled, though there may be lco's everywhere, they're not all doing a good job, and not every customer is happy. Today alone one or two got fired in your area and these customers are going to call another, probably one they find in the paper.


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Houston, Texas
Just try to keep your prices high, there are plenty of people out there now who bid on jobs residential or commercial so low that if your not willing to work for almost nothing your not going to get the work. My prices are lower than some on this sight ,but they are high for my area. I turned down two jobs just yesterday because I was asked if they can call and cancel service when they felt that it was not needed. I replied that if they were not willin gto sign a service agreement (the statement I use because some don't like the word contract) and allow us to complete service as agreed that I just was not going to take on the properties. Don't be fooled by the ones who tell you that they are not happy with thier current service provider and then want you to do the same service at a lower price. Bid high stick to your prices and the customers you get will pay and you will be happier.

Just my 2cents.