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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Gatewayuser, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. Gatewayuser

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    Well I'm thinking of dropping a customer. I called them today and asked if I could come and pickup my check for the leaf cleanup and bring the invoice for plowing sometime today, and the wife of the customer said how much is it and I said $1,046.36 for the cleanup and $70 for plowing and she said she would have the check ready. So I went and picked it up and she said sorry that we didn't mail it ( by the way the invoice was made out 30days ago ) and I said thats ok and not to worry about it. I thought well every thing was fine, but I got a call from the husband tonight and he said sorry it took so long for us to pay you and I said it was ok. Then he said when I saw that bill when it came I fell out of my chair it was so high, the people last year only charged $450 and they had 5 guys and you only had 2 (it was 4 acres of leaves), you will have to figure how to make it less next year or we will have to find someone else. I said were the leaves frozen together and wet when they did it and he said it was the same kind of conditions. So I said ok I will try to figure out something better next year. Then he started on my snow plowing, the guy who lived across the street charged us only $50 last year and he used a skid loader, and I said is that the same guy who tore your yard up and I had to fix it for you ( $1,100 which they complained about ) well yea, did I tear up your yard when I plowed, well no. I said I will not go any lower on that price because I have plenty of people that want plowing done. He said ok go ahead and keep plowing. He then said we would like a stone patio put in in the spring could you come over sometime and give us a price and I said sure.
    This is the only customer that ever complains, everyone else thinks I do a great job. A person had to come and do the excavating on some piping for them and they tried to get him to cut his prices in 1/2 also. Should I keep these people or drop them? I will lose about $7,000 - 10,000 per year.
  2. nephilim0167

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    Maybe I missed it, but are they usually on time with their bills or is it a reoccuring problem? If this was the first time or second time I'd say keep them. Maybe theres a communication part on your end that's not working for you. Make it clear to them that you charge X amount for each hour of work, or however it is that you bill.
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    I didn't read your post but I am responding to your title. A simple title without all the hyperbole symbols is better. :nono:
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    They always wait to send it until it is 30 days after invoicing when I call them. They know and agreed on $40 per man hour and they knew when I was working and they could of stopped me at anytime. I bet this company that did it last year was just a group of kids charging $10 per hour. By the way the wife seemed to not have a problem with the bill and she makes most of the money.
  5. Gatewayuser

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    It got your attention didnt it. But your right, I will stop.:waving:
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    Then in that case unless you are at complete whits end with them I would keep them. It seems as though they like your work if they are asking about doing a patio for them! The man probbaly has nothing better to do than complain. I find myself like that sometimes too :sleeping: We all know women run the ship. If she's fine I would stick with it. Instead of waiting 30 days to call her, why not do it in 7 or 10? She could just be forgetful since she didn't seem to have a problem getting you the check once you remind her.
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    ((((((((((((((((((((THANK YOU!!)))))))))))))))))))))) :dizzy:
  8. Gatewayuser

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    Jason Rose
    ((((((( LOL )))))))

    I'm afraid if I go and put a $4,000 patio in they will complain and I will be out a whole lot of money. If my prices and work were crummy then I could see them complaining but there not. I just like less stress then having to worry about 1 trouble maker. They tried not paying me once because there was a little root smaller then a pencil sticking out of part of the yard that I redid and I gave in on that one and took $160 off there bill for that part of the yard and they were happy.
  9. nephilim0167

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    You're way too worried about this. If they are this big of an issue for you then drop them. Just remember, no one ever said it was gonna be easy! ;)
  10. grasswhacker

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    I'd be cautious and get a large deposit on that 4k job with a signed agreement.

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