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Should I fog with a stihl 420s or should I spray with a BNG?


LawnSite Member
I do home pest/weed/fungus/disease control and fertilize. I work with a licensed operator and in business for a little over a year.

I am looking to increase my efficiency. I want to save time blowing stray fertilizer off the paved areas, and with the same unit fog or spray the foundation and trees/shrubbery. I am thinking a Stihl 420s is the ticket.

Can you guys help me figure out if I am on the right path. My main question: is the mist that this unit sprays (like a fog I guess, I am not sure) as good as spraying with my BNG? Will it last as long? Will it hold up the same against rain? Can I bug treat a lawn with this unit?

Please help me. I am trying to get more done in one day.


New Jersey
I would suggest not using a fogger (ultra low volume) for 2 reasons:

1) You will Be applying pesticides at a much higher concentration w/much smaller micron particles which should cause concern for you the applicator.

2) Drift will be harder to control.....You will need perfect weather for applications.

At one time I thought this would be efficent but when you factor in the above mentioned plus x-tra time taking on and off the Tyvec suit and the alarm that it might cause clients, the conventional method for spraying makes more sense.

Foggers are better suited for Greenhouse operations (no wind) and Mosquito Control (no wind conditions and low toxicty materials used)

Pete D.


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S W Florida

The Stihl 420 is a mini Air Blaster like the ones used in the Citrus Industry here in Florida. The air is used to turn the leaves of the trees so products like soap and oil can be applied to the under side of the leaf. I don't have one but I have looked at them. If you have customers with Citrus Trees or large shrubs They can be a valuable tool. However Pete has given you excellence advise.