should i have to pay for this repair.?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Five Star Lawn Care LLC, Jul 12, 2004.

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    in the spring one of my drivers had been salting with the dump truck all night long and stopped in the morning to fill the truck up annd get a snack...he put the nozzel in the truck and started pumping and then went inside to grab some food...he cam back out and jumped in the truck and took off with the gas pump still atatch and it simply disconected it from what appeared to be a quick conect fitting...well they took down his name and the company name and sent him on his way....

    well now yesterday i get a bill in the mail for 221.34 from exxon mobil....mind you i spend 12k and growing with them everyear b/c we have exxon mobil fleet cards and fill up all trucks and equipment at mobil exclusivly...

    in my eyes this sould be a cost of doing business for them and they sould just absorb the cost to not upset there customer.

    Am i missing something or what do you guys think?
  2. rodfather

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    I would think you are liable regardless of how much you spend a year with them...
  3. gl1200a

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    I owned an large Amoco station for many years. The profit on gasoline doesn't even pay for the tank farm, yearly testing, insurance, pump mantenance and electricity to provide the gas. The other profit centers have to be used to make money. The gasoline only brings them in.

    Thats not bad for a pull away. If you would have damaged the totalizer inside the pump (which happened to me) that could run around $1200.00.

    Pay the man.
  4. Littleriver1

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    Yea, that's your pump hose now. I was in gasoline retail for what seemed like 2 live times, I know those pump parts are not cheep. $220.00 sounds like you got off easy. Call the company and cry some, you may get lucky.
  5. geogunn

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    the customer should not be in the least upset.

    neither should the driver be upset as $221.34 is deducted from his pay to pay for his mindless and irresponsible actions.

  6. Five Star Lawn Care LLC

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    this is a corporate store that exxon mobil its not some little old man fronting this bill for me....its the largest oil corp in the world!.....i know for a fact that its a corporate location b/c one of my buddies used to plow and cut for all the corprate mobils in the area and this is on that was on his route
  7. Remsen1

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    I would say that you are liable. However you may want to with the manager and tell him/her that you could take all of your business elsewhere (the least of which would be the gasoline business). Mention how much you and your crew spend on twinkies and coca-cola at their joint and how easily you could take your business accross the street to the CITGO Nice n' Easy. If that doesn't pursuade them then pay 'em and take your business across the street.
  8. Five Star Lawn Care LLC

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    i know that i am responsible for my employees actions and he is at fault...

    i know this isnt the excact same situation but its simalar....lets say a customer left something in the grass and you couldt see it but the mower hit it and bend a spindle or is the customers fualt because they left something in the yard....but you as the business will have to absorb the cost of the repair b/c that is unexpected repairs that was not your fault.

    some people may think that im a cheap skate or trying to wessel out of this bill.. but for those who know me they know that have no problem paying for anything and just simple think this is bad business ethics on the part of exxon.
  9. Up North

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    So, say if you had your family vehicle and you pulled into different gas station such as a Citgo or whatever and forgot about the nozzle, then took off down the road with their pump.

    Either way you unfortunately are responsible for the pump IMO. Your insurance should take care of it anyway.

    And if something is hidden in the grass, the customer may not have known it was there either and yes you are right, we would have to eat the cost of the blade, spindle, whatever. A gas nozzle, now that's hard to believe you (or your employee in this case) didn't see it sticking out of the truck at some point, someone had to put it in. Shoot, everyone makes mistakes, it's just one of those deals that you kick yourself about later but will probably never make that mistake again.

    Probably noticed the sparks going down the road though... :blob2:
  10. geogunn

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    both questions...asked and answered....

    GEO :eek:

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