Should I hire my first employee?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jasonnau, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. jasonnau

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    Here's the deal, last year was my first year with my business full time. I started from scratch getting everything I needed on credit. A 60"tracer, a 36"yazoo/kees, traded in the ford ranger for a 2004 f250, ended up getting a 1998 chevy 3500 dually with a plow and spreader, trimmers, chain saw, stihl blowers etc. I've got what I need to have a two man crew running, (counting myself). Last year I stayed busy usually 4-6 days a week picking up about 30 mowing accounts and offering landscaping, mulching, mowing, gutter cleaning, you name it. I had a good friend I worked part time as needed on the bigger mulching, prunning, ect. jobs. Now it's year two. I have two trucks, and I'm about to end up with about 42 mowing accounts. Not to mention, two medium sized landscape jobs are in the books, everyone wants mulching, and everything else. My good friend doesn't have the time to help. Is it time to hire my first employee?
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    There are many factors to consider before doing this.
    Is he going to be busy 5 days a week?
    Can you justify a full time employee?
    Is he going to generate enough to cover his paycheck and make the company money?
    These are just some questions that you have to ask yourself before hiring.
    Do a search there have been a couple of threads regarding this question that you might find helpful!


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    dont do it stay single work harder youl make more
  4. aries

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    Their is only so much you can handle yourself! before you go and get some one full time try to find some part timers or advertise your help as part time to poss full time position this way if you do not have the work you don't have pay the full time hrs. I have 2 full time laborers and when needed for more My guy's will bring their buddies for a day or 2.
  5. jpmako

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    It's gonna be pretty hard to effectively manage 42+ accounts on your own!
    If these people are requiring more than just Mow, Blow and Go there is no way one person can keep up with the manual labor and running the business.

  6. LB1234

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    Looked into hiring an employee part time last year...~16/hrs week. My problem was the cost of Workman's Comp insurance. It was ridiculuously high.

    One place to look for legit employees that speak fluant English is community college campuses. Post some part time needed help on the bulletin boards. Usually you'll get someone who calls who has off one or two days a week or is only taking evening/night classes, and/or is available weekends.

    Don't really know what your looking for, just some advice.
  7. rodfather

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    I'm in NJ as well and noticed that my WC estimate has gone up this year. Personally, I would hire someone.
  8. LB1234

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    I received the quote early last spring. My problem was at 16/hrs per week for ~30 wks that was about 480 hours...well...the insurance company has a minmum of 1000/hrs or something like that. So, for me, I would've been paying double the rate.

    BTW, went to the NJLCA show last week...glad I lots of good info and even set up some demo's for equipment. Thanks!!
  9. jpmako

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    I was there too. They had some nice stuff especially that international pickup.
    Man those things are cool. Did the Downes girls ask to blow your mulch?

  10. LB1234

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    Was that all the commotion in front of the Kubota booth? With those calendars?

    I was pissed off at the Kubota reps. Was asking some questions about the B21 and L35. Specifically about a quickattach for the front buckets on them. He acted like I was bothering him, didn't have any brochures, every answer was yes/no without any additional feedback. Put a bad taste in my mouth. What an a-hole.

    Sorry for going astray on the thread. Guess we should start a new thread...

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