Should I keep mowing or wait for payment?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by swbluto, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. So, there was this girl whom we got in contact with over the phone who was selling her house and we never actually met in person, and we agreed to a price and went over there and mowed. Now, I sent an email invoice but she hasn't payed yet and so I'm wondering... when the next scheduled time to mow comes around, should I just mow it or should I wait for payment for the previous mow before mowing in the future? It's to be mowed every 10 days or so.

    I'm thinking there could be wisdom in just continue mowing until it's no longer needed, and then try to hunt him/her down for the money... but, I only have an email address, so I don't know how realistic that's going to be. (P.S., we do have a phone number, but we didn't have a way of keeping track of the phone numbers back then, so I don't know it.)
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    How good of a detective are you?
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    With a house that's for sale you want to get paid per mow.
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    sorry to say it bro, but you are probably gonna get burned on this one

  5. So, I should wait for payment before continuing services?

    I don't mind getting burned as the "real cost" was the gasoline (Most of my time is "free" at this point, lol.) which was probably $1 or less. But, yeah, of course... I would like to get paid! :laugh:
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    don't mow 'til you get $ if she calls/e-mails wanting to know why it has not been cut you can ask her why she hasn't paid the invoice then tell her in advance or find someone else
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    Why would you extend credit to a person you don't know anything about? First mow should have been paid in advance if they are not there at the time of mowing. That is my policy. Out of town customers send me a cashiers check or I will wait until their check clears before the work is done. Why should I worry about being paid? They are going to take the chance. Not me. I can give them references to minimize their risk.
    The person should have been there to pay you or paid in advance. I wouldn't do anymore work until I got paid for the first cut.
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    Is there a realtor sign? Call the realtor explain who you are and that you lost her number. Fib a little if you need to, like something broke on the property.
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    Are you invoicing after each mow?
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    email and state that you cant mow until, you need contact info (phone #)

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