Should I market through Living Social???

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by HAMPTON ROADS LAWN CARE, Jun 11, 2012.


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    What is yalls opinion???

    I was thinking about going this route to fill up the last few spots that I want to do this year.

    Has anyone here done it?? If so did it help???
  2. tonygreek

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    Hampton, Living Social really isn't a mechanism for gaining a few spots, and probably wouldn't fly with them as a viable campaign due to your intended volume.

    If you want to read about an interesting landscaping campaign, some of us were just talking about one that, at least to me, oversold something that could dip into an ethical dilemma. I know nothing about the company, so that's just my mile-high view of it, but it shows you how one went about it.
  3. grass-scapes

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    25% of the cost to your new "customer" is what you will get on average.

    You will sell a bunch of something if its a good deal. After you are done, you won't get any jobs from it. I think it is more for getting people into a restaurant or new ice cream shop....not for a landscaper.
  4. mjlcare2

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    We did it here in Florida.. sounded great so we gave it a shot. deal was for two cuts for $20 or 6 biweekly cuts for $99 of which we made half of either one.. What we got out of it was 1 sod job and 1 regular customer, both of which were out of the areas we limited the deal to, the 3 surrounding zipcodes from us. and what works out to be $5 per cut.. it will get you out into different areas but most of the customers a deal like this appeals too are the the people who have crap yard, haven't mowed/trimmed in months or want everything for free.. Complaints have been that we, skipped services, refused to service, won't return calls/emails, won't mow on weekends, won't mow when they want(gotta fit them into our schedule don't we) so all in all too many people complaining and want it for free.. even though they practically are.. if you do it.. good luck.. I wouldn't do it again.. it is actually very hard to schedule an additional 10 clients per week that are only short term customers.

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