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should I or shouldnt I????


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jacksboro, tn
I just took over a commerical contract and the turf is about 6-7 inches high, its cold here in tennesse and i do not know what effect the weather has on the turf the turf is about one year old. can i cut this lawn without hurting the turf? i was thinking of doing it on a day it hits forty degress...what will happen when it cools back down?

any suggestions from u veterans?


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It may not be the actual best thing for grass, but I would not hestitate. Especially, if you mow at 40 degrees. Too many times in the fall and early spring that I have mowed at lower temps than that.

Eric ELM

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Chicago, IL USA
As long as the ground is fairly dry you should have no problems. Since this is tall, you might try cutting it as High as you can the first time and then lowering the deck to cut it the second time. I would also use double blades, Naturally. :)


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I would cut it twice.. first time high, then lower. Or simply side discharge, then bag it.


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Memphis, TN
I would cut it as soon as possible. With the grass already brown it should help if you are a side discharger. I would probably cut it twice also.

You might want to consider cutting it once high and leave it for a few days to let it fall into the grass to the dirt and then come back and cut it lower (3.25 is where I always cut). Just a thought, if you don't want to have a lot sitting on top looking bad.
I agree with these guys, Cut it. I'd cut it as high as possible the first time, and like 65hoss said let it sit for a couple days and cut it lower the second time. You still may have to go over it a third time to spread out any clumps that may occur. Like Eric said use double blades if you have them, I do and they work great. I wouldn't go any lower in the final cut than 3".


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What in the world grows 6-7" this time of year. The grass just below you in the great state of Alabama isn't even 1" this time of year...........I swear I'm gonna move North just so I can see something green!
Cut it now, but don't bring it down to the height you wish to keep it at.Cut it as high as possible. Even if you have to do 3 or 4 times, it is recommened never to cut more than half the leaf blade all at once.Give it a week to ten days between cuts. The grass is not activly growing, so will not suffer from shock.