should i quit my job?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rb3771, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. rb3771

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    I'm looking for advise or opinions on starting my own lawn care business. I've been a heavy equipment operator for the past 12 years making $27 and hour with benifits and good pension. I collect unemployment in the winters and plow snow to make extra cash. The past two years have been pretty rough in the construction industry and i've never really liked my job anyways. I'm tired of busting my butt to make another man richer. I've always enjoyed mowing lawns. My yard looks awesome and i've even mowed my neighbors yards just to help out so i thought maybe i'm cut out for it. My wife's job covers the family's health costs including mine so that's not an issue. What i'm wanting to know is would i be crazy to give up $27 an hour for lawn care? How does lawn care compare to that? I have enough money for the initial investment (mower, trailer, etc.) and enough money to get by 'til i'm established. I also have a good reputation in the area from plowing snow. There are four new sub-divisions going up in my area so i believe the work is there. Any advice would really help in my decision.
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    i just started this year and dont quit your job its been to dry to make money around here ( Northeastern Indiana) I will probably have to get a job this winter to pay for my equipment as the business sure isnt going to do it

    i would start part time and see how thigns went, if it goes good then think of quiting but giving up 27 bucks per hour and all the benfits would be damn hard for me to do
  3. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Rb, first is there a market for it in your area? Sounds like you would really like/enjoy lawn care work. However, if someone offered me a job at HALF what you made shoveling crap with a spoon I would be tickled to death where I live and would be a part time LCO tommorow! Even though you said you dont like your current job I would think real hard about giving that kind of pay up and like the above poster said try this part time and see how it goes. Wish you the best in your decision.
  4. rb3771

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    Thanks for the response, that's exactly the info i was looking for. I should have mentioned in my first posting, the hours i work in construction leave me no time to do lawn care part-time. It would have to be all or nothing. And i got a good laugh from the shoveling poop with a spoon thing! Thanks.
  5. Redneckn

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    You could maybe find a small outfit doing the kind of work you are doing now where you can maybe work less hours and then do lawns on the "side" so to speak. Get your feet wet and see what you think.
  6. Mark McC

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    I thought construction was booming. What do you mean?
  7. AboveTheCut

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    Why settle? Why keep doing something that you are not happy doing? I am still working full time and mowing/landscaping part time. I would love to go full time but I am supporting a wife and three kids so I depend on my benefits. It's too much of a risk for me. There is only so much you can make part-time. If your wife's job covers benefits, I say, go for it. Two guys that I know that just quit their full time jobs and jumped in with both feet are doing very well. I am convinced, you can make it big if you give it your all. Good luck.
  8. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Hey Rb, did not realize you could not do it part time. I would have a real hard time giving up a 27 buck an hour job when my area you can get a 2 hour yard cut for 20 bucks. I was not joking about the shoveling crap thing either :D let me get offered a job tommorow for 13.50 and see how fast I jump on it!! I wish you the best in your endevor, I know its bad going to a job you dont like and it makes no difference what the pay is if your not happy.
  9. Toy2

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    RB, just do it, what is the worst that could happen? You fall flat on your face? Then you get up and keep truckin', I really wish i had done this earlier in life, but had the "Golden Cuffs" on, put there by have the knowledge in snow plowing, heck get your rig ready to roll and never look fear was no customers.....I have enough to keep me busy, and its mine, all mine......I have yet to get a paycheck, but I'm buying stuff, and my house is getting paid........wife has the good job, so life is good!!!!Go for It!!! :D
  10. nocutting

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    If your Good at something, Good work will find you,......I work with several guys in my we did a job,9am-2pm....pruned 21- leyland [16ft tall,]cypress, punch bar fed, insalled anchors to a cement block wall for support [ and arborist tree cable]....we both cleared $510.00, the client was more than Happy for a quality job, paid cash on the spot!!!!!.....I get / do jobs of that caliper every tell me?........Whats $27.00 per hr? :) :cool2: payup :angel:

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