Should I re-evaluate my prices?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by mrblands, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. mrblands

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    I found this on a customers lawn this morning while cleaning up and i'm thinking that I cant come near these prices.

    Times are tuff but damn $15.00 per cut on a monthly or $21.25 per cut for full service.

    The cheapest property i do is open lot @ $35 and it takes me 20min to do and its family:confused:

    I gues if you have 100 accounts like these you might be ok, the only good thing i see is that it gets your foot in the door for other landscape renovations with those customers.

    Has anyone else had to drop there prices down this low because of others?

    Oh and thanks I'm new here and I luve this site an overwhelming amount of info on this site.

  2. I never worry about what others charge. If people want to work for that, that's their problem. The only 2 accounts that I have under $100/mo. Are 2 backyards with 250-500 sq ft of turf and a little bit of ornamentals. They take about 15 min each including spraying for weeds and light trimming. Other than that, everything is way above $100/mo.
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  3. williams lcm

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    I have seen these exact flyers all over lake county. I dont worry about it. I have enough work as it is. If they want to work cheap let them. It will only hurt them in the long run
  4. unkownfl

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    I've seen those fliers from ocoee all the way to Apopka. If you're seeing them in Lake county I'm sure hes not going to be around long.
  5. wglyons

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    Not sure if it's $15/cut. The ad says $60/month, but that could be visits every other week for $30/cut...For clients looking for cheap, cheap, cheap, you really think they care if the lawn gets cut every week? Nope - just often enough to keep the city from issuing a citation for an unkept yard...
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    Around here its even worse than that. New guy in my community paper. The "Lawn Hero". Claims to be a CPO and is advertising full pest service. No license number on his ad or his cheesy magnetic door sign on his Durango. Offering 200.00 off sod installs that he will warranty for life if you use his spray service. 45.00 WEEKLY lawn service. This clown is out of business already and doesn't even know it. :usflag:

    And no, volume is not the solution for these prices. You just tear up man, machine and contribute the overall decline of industry standards.
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  7. Stillwater

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    I don't have a issue with that add, it is a good add, I suggest all of you RE-read it again, carefully, 60 a month is the starting lowest.

    The only issue i have is.... the stupid dude littered their lawn with a advertisement, If it was my house I would have called them at the number on the flyer and told them to send someone over to immediately pick up your litter that was intentionally thrown on my property. I understand the need to advertise but your not going to gain the business of caring for my property if you start off with littering it. At minimum show some respect for my property and your company by calling me on the phone, knock on my door or even better mail me that flyer. Just don't be a slease and drive by tossing this crap onto my property
  8. South Florida Lawns

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    Right there!
  9. Ric

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    Mowing prices are about the same now as they were 30 years ago. IMHO Two factors have caused this. One is the Down economy that has every unemployed fool cutting grass. second is the advancement in commercial mowers to very fast Z turns and power hand tools like weed eaters. Yes I am old enough to remember hand shears.

    If you look in the archives there is a reoccurring theme posted here on Lawnsite. That mowing is the LOST LEADER FOR UPSELLS. Back when I had the Full Service Big Show (not really that big) Mowing was a break even situation. It did pay a big proportion of the Over Head but not all of it. But it was the reoccurring Fert & Squirt and Shrub Trimming that put food on the table. Irrigation repairs and landscape installs paid for the Kids college and cars.

  10. johnsonslawnmanagement

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    Ric hit the nail on the head: Mowing hardly ever brings in a profit. It's weed control, fert, landscaping, and irrigation that pays well. If your worried about all these hacks just mowing, then your wasting your time. If they are not offering anything but basic maintenance, they are a minimal threat and will be broke/out of buisness before you know it. With every unemployed person in the country trying to mow grass, the "low baller" will always be a factor.
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