should i report him?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bobbygedd, May 11, 2002.

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    pulled up to my customers house today, and saw that a new lawn co. was working on the nieghbors. now this neighbor approached me and asked for prices cus, "i keep the other properties looking so beautiful". when i gave him the prices, his jaw hit the ground, didnt get the job. anyhow, i see another company got the work, as i pulled up they are spraying weeds, they see me and bam, the sprayer goes back into the truck, fast. no numbers, or sign on the truck, now i can only suspect these boys arent licensed. i used to think so what, now im starting to feel a little pissy cus i pay for my license, and these guys must be doing it cheaper. really feel like calling these guys in when i see them. today alone i saw 3 guys applying, but no numbers on the truck. do u guys "rat" unlicensed companies out? i always said it was wrong, but i think im changing my tune
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    What I hate is that NONE of the LCO's here are licensed for spraying. I'm not licensened either, but I loose alot of business from potential customers. When bidding residential yards, I get asked if I spray too. I then have to explain to them that I'm not licensed, but make sure if they get someone else, make sure they're licensed... I don't think it makes a difference in their mind.
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    Personally, I wouldn't report them, it's just not like me to do this. I guess what goes around, comes around. I do wish the county would patrol for things like this but they don't. I admit though, it does bother me a little to see people doing things illegally when I pay good money to be 100% legit. Down here most people could care less if a company is licensed and insured as long as they give a cheap price. Sad but true.
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    bobby to be honest ,u did the necessary
    do s and u dont have to put yours up ,when another lco turns up.
    enforcement of these regulations will increase as time goes by. and u dont have to be a snitch.
    my licence ran out last mont h and wouldnt u know it ,now ive finally been able to talk most of my older customers into the full say the least ,ill definitly be getting my licence again ,quick as i can.until then ill be controlling best i can w fert and other means. but i do hate to think of us as a group constantly
    looking for something to report to big
    brother about.many will disagree and thats what this forums about,but this is my thinking on the subject.i wont be debating the subject.
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    Don't jump to conclusions. I don't have any markings on my truck, but I am not a scrub. I am licensed and just don't have the desire to letter my truck. I get enough business without it.
  6. wesLESCO48

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    I see people putting out fertilizer with herbicide that i know aren't
    licensed to do so and it makes me mad. I have lots of customers
    requesting me to provide this service but i have to decline because i am not licensed but want to be some day. to me it's
    not worth the risk of the fines etc. when i tell customers about this they look at me in disbelief so i explain it to them. I think
    most of the joe blows doing this don't even know its illegal.
    the earlier post about what goes around comes around is right
    but who knows when its going to come around for them and its
    impacting your business and the market value of this service
    now, so i say report them.
  7. tremor

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    Here in CT we have an anonomous tip line that works for the benefit of all proessionals in this area. The complaintant doesn't have to sign a complaint since the association does it for them.

    This helps our local Arborists & I support their efforts. Tree care as a profession has improved here in CT due largely to this groups efforts.

    I sleep well at night knowing that all my customers today are legal, but I have very few & they are all larger than average. That said, I know some great applicators who started out as scrubs.

    Let your conscience be your guide since that's all we have in the end anyway.

  8. Brickman

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    I say report them.
    If it is like around here it won't do any good. A couple of years ago the guy working for me reported another LCO that his friend worked for, because of his unsafe spraying practices. This guy wasn't licensed, and all he got was a letter stating that he must be licensed and to stop spraying until he got one. The LCO never even slowed down. And the state never followed it up either.
  9. smburgess

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    No question, I would report them. Scrubs do nothing but keep prices down due to low overhead from not being legal (not paying taxes, not being licensed in many areas, no insurance,etc.) I called in a "man-with-mower" about two weeks ago to the county because I knew he didn't have a business licensed.
  10. JimLewis

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    I am kinda on the fence on this one. Part of me thinks we shouldn't report people due to the Golden Rule. But the other part of me agrees with you. I pay for all of my licenses. And I have spent a lot of time learning how to do things the right way. And it pisses me off when I see some unlicensed scrub doing things the wrong way, and keeping prices too low.

    Still another part of me says we shouldn't report them because I am totally anti-big-government. I think the less government the better. And "ratting" these guys out only leads to more regulation, more enforcement, etc. So I dunno. It's a tough call.

    Furthermore, I am not totally sure I agree that we need to have licenses to apply round-up and such in the first place. Homeowners can apply it without any training, license, etc. Why should it be any different if they just want to hire someone and tell the guy they hired, "Hey, can you spray some round-up over there on those weeds?"

    Fortunately, in my state, you don't have to be licensed to apply pesticides and herbicides as long as you don't advertise for it and as long as it's incedental your lawn care or landscape maintenance.

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