Should I sell my Hot Rods for new truck?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Irwin97, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Irwin97

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    I'm toying with idea of possible buying 2014 F-350 4x4 6.7 Powerstroke 8 FT bed Reg Cab. However I'm a bit short money wise this time as I've just poured money into upgrade/additional to my fleet with following: new 7x18 Wells Cargo trailer, 94' F350 dump truck and more equipments.

    The truck will become " my Boss " truck and tow time to time when I need dump truck doing full job that day.

    However I do have a 52' F1 Traditional Hot Rod and a 56' F100 that's about 95% restored and 95% original. I love Hot Rods but I'm really wanting a new truck so is the new truck worth it selling Hot Rods?

    Just wondering what you guys would do.

  2. Chris_NC06

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    What do you want more? A new truck, or your toys. Only you can decide. Then you'll have to take on the task of actually selling said toys. They might sit around for a year before someone with the money is interested in them.
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  3. millerx1805x

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    that's a tough call... do you drive the hot rods often??

    I actually was looking at a '14 f350 6.7 today, great looking truck and very quiet for a diesel!
  4. Jpocket

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    Please don't sell your toys for a new truck. a classic car or truck is almost irreplaceable come paired to new trucks which are a dime a dozen. Atleast for me my toys indicate some sort of SUCCESS. A new truck is just another work tool really. I see alot of guys around here who have all the newest trucks and mowers, they sorta of double take when they see my 10-15 year old trucks and equipment. But when it comes time to play they have nothing, or wonder wow how can he afford that.

    Best thing you could do is hold off until next season or sell you dump and buy a newer dump.
  5. larryinalabama

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    You stole my post, Id keep my toys also.
  6. Irwin97

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    @gallihergreen I'm not sure yet ha and I won't have problem moving them fast if needed to as I almost always get someone offer on them everytime I take them out ha.

    @millerx1805x I use my 52' F1 on weekends basis and during week when weather is good - its like grocery getter when I want it to. Yep these 2014 F350 6.7 is awesome - I've test drive 3 of them and liking them lot better than 6.0 and 6.4 ... good thing I never bought one of them and have 2 7.3 diesel trucks.

    @Jpocket and @larryinalabama ... yeah I might do that. I think I might want to keep my 52' and sell 56' then see how things goes. I don't need few Hot Rods siting around now as my business have been expanding - less time for them.
  7. larryinalabama

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    I don't have enough time for my toys eighter, but this year Ive been thinking, why am I working?
  8. gcbailey

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    I can speak from experience on this one... I had a '68 Mustang GT w/351 that my parents got me as a graduation gift from high school. I would give it a solid B+. I kept it for 7 years and just got to the point where it was sitting. I didn't need to sell it, but I did, stupid, stupid, stupid. In all honestly in my 33 years of life, it's been one of my biggest regrets.
  9. joemower

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    Keep the toys and the sence of accomplishment! Life is too short not to enjoy the things you love even if it's only once in a while. Don't buy a new truck until your biz can support the cost of one. It's easy to fall in to that trap of buying those shiny new over priced trucks and and equipment but next thing you know you're knee deep in dept and hate the job that you once loved. We are in the biz to make money not spend it. Keep on trucking with what you have now and enjoy life. :)
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  10. buttaluv

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    Keep your toys, I have a junky ol 2000 3/4 ton. Chevy and a 99 GMC 1/2 ton, I choose to spend my money on equipment that will make me money rather than a new truck that will only do the same thing as my two old trucks....and I'm the type of guy that would stress out about stank'n up and dinging up a nice truck trying to use it to work....

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