Should I sell the Grasshopper?

Green Acres

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I have a Grasshopper that I was thinking of getting rid of come spring time. It's a 93 721 (21hp Kubota) with a 60" deck on it. It has been a good machine for me. It has about 2000 hrs on it and nothing major seems to be the matter with it. It needs to be painted which I plan on doing if I keep it. What do you think I should ask for this piece of equipment? I would like to sell it and maybe get a walk-behind since I have a Lazer Z and the grasshopper was mainly a back-up last year and used on some of the bigger accounts. So please give me any suggestions you think are relevent. Thanks


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stanfield nc
Lazer is good but they break too.Id make the
grasshopper a project and hold to it.
Then test market for it once an a while.
You never know when somebody who needs it
pretty bad will come along.Until then u got
a good backup.TM


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Flint, Michigan
I agree the same. I run a Lazer, and keep an old Gravely 300 rider with me for back up. I couldn't IMAGINE trying to tacckle it with my walk behind!


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Ditto everybody else. Don't sell any equipment that is still in good shape, you will need it one day. I would sell it when you are ready to purchase another machine but not until then.

If it ain't broke-------don't sell it!