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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by bahamamills, Jul 11, 2007.

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    This is really not what I wanted but then again can not really afford what I want now anyway. Sorry for the back ground but here goes. I was at the lake this weekend with some friends who my son works part time with in the landscaping business. I told them that my current mower/tractor was too big and with my lawn drying up and burning I wanted a smaller unit a walk behind. To make a long story even short they said they new someone who actually lives about 3 miles from me that had one sitting in a barn unused. This same mower was originally purchased by one of their sons who did not last in the business.

    Here it is.... Not sure on the year made.... But only 28 hours.
    Model Number 925669
    Serial 04071570
    Any idea of knowing the year made. It comes with the side bag and after cutting for about an hour with the H-Bar is great and the thing cuts smooottttttth.

    What would this be worth ?


  2. Turf Professionals Inc.

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    Looks like an 05' which would be my guess. Hard to say how much it is worth without know for sure the year. No sulky? No grass catcher? just as is, I would say 2500-2800 IMO
  3. bahamamills

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    Yes there is a grass catcher and only now 29 hours. He had mentioned 3k for it but I was only going to offer him 2.5K

    I was waiting for someone to ask why it had just been sitting in a barn. Well this is a Drs. son who also is a building contractor. He also had a 65k ski boat and Hustler super Z and tractors in the barn as well.
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    Well in that case u know he is not hurting for money, I got a brand new hydro 36" for 3,000 I would get 2,000 dollars in cash and say take it or leave it.

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