Should lawn chemicals be discontinued for homeowner use?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Hoots, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Hoots

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    It seems as if there are many people that wish to stop the "pollution" of land with chemicals. I say that most products, used within reason, are not bad. The problem we are facing these days is the over use and misuse of products. Anything in too much volume is bad, yes even water.

    There are many people that are misusing lawn products without really paying attention. Many people on this site have seen these situations on a daily basis. Homeowners using Round-Up on Crabgrass, or pouring undiluted products into a spray can and spraying the weeds. Most of the time people just don't read the label.

    The other issue to selling control products "over the counter" is the "Lawn Guy" who is looking to make an extra buck. This is one of the biggest offenders and the biggest problems. These guys think that just because it is sold at the local hardware store anybody can buy it and spray it anywhere. Yes anyone can buy them but it is meant for your own use. It is similar to "over the counter" drugs. Just because you can buy Tylenol does not mean you can go to someones house, give them the medication, and call yourself a doctor.

    There have been many lawn chemicals that have been removed from the market place for various reasons, some of them being over use. Some products have been removed, like Sudafed, because people were misusing them. You now have to ask permission from behind the counter, similar to most (if not all) states requiring a license to purchase more than one quart of 2,4-D. We lost MSMA here recently. Why can we not use it as a restricted use-licensed applicator only product.

    I know that this sounds pretty controlling, and almost a bad governmental idea. I feel that we need to educate everyone on the uses of these products before they are misused and removed from the market. Everyone has to have a drivers license to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, why can't we do the same for lawn care products?

    In the words of Bill O'Reilly, What say you?
  2. dwc

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    Absolutely. Fertilizer should be included. I can't tell you how many times I hear the weather guy on tv say "better get that fert put down, got a big storm brewing!" Most every ceu meeting I attend, the state guys always mention it's the home owners that are misusing/abusing label laws and misapplying fertilizer. I just talked to a new customer the other day who told me he used 5 bags of fertilizer on his 6,000 foot lawn at one time. This is ridiculous and needs to be stopped immediately before it affects us all.
    It's one of those things like when you were in school and the one kid did something stupid and the whole class got punished for it. We are all going to get punished for what some home owners are doing. Most guys I know doing this for a living take care of the environment that provides our income. I have customers tell me all the time "be sure to put in on extra heavy". I tell them I will apply it correctly and legally and thats as "heavy" as its getting.

    Just to show the lack of people reading the label, I get at least a few people a week tell me they sprayed their dandelions with that m stuff, m-t-a or whatever it is. I ask them you mean msma? Oh yeah thats it! I just say uh huh, don't look like that worked for you.

    I wish they would change these laws before its too late. I hate to see government control of things, but when its misused and abused, and hurts the environment it needs to be stopped!
  3. Ric

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    Yo Dreamers

    It is not going to happen so give up the Idea.

    When they ban all chemical application by CPO, homeowners will still be pouring it on their yards.

    PS Sure we would all love to see this happen, Goes with out saying.
  4. treegal1

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  5. Hoots

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    Treegal, YES what?

    The idea is not to remove all chemicals. The idea is to stop the misuse of them by uninformed people.

    Ric, I know it is virtually impossible to make this happen, but we did hire a president that has some questionable socialistic ideals.
  6. treegal1

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    Should lawn chemicals be discontinued for homeowner use? YES

    most if not all should be professional use only, IMO
  7. Ric

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    Yes TreeGal is a Tree Hugger.

    IMHO There is no question about socialistic ideals.
  8. Real Green

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    Ric, sometimes when topics come up, I don't bother responding because I know I can't say it better than you would, so I wait. You always come through when I expect it most. Thank you!
  9. Hoots

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    Treegal, thanks. That is my point exactly. Professional use only. Some may say that it would be cornering the market. There will still be competition to keep prices in check.

    I feel that we might still have MSMA if it were pro use only. I hear that golf courses and sod farms can still use it but only once per year. Someone correct me if I am mistaken.

    DWC, I agree.
    Even regular fertilizers are overused.

    We would not be where we are today without the use of synthetic products. I hope they don't try to take them away from everyone.
  10. Ric

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    Real Green

    One thing I am is candidate. I speak my mind regardless of who's toes I step on. I believe everyone knows where they stand with me. Same with my customers and friends. You can go to the bank with my honesty.

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