should my ryan aerator be this slow?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GarPA, Sep 29, 2002.

  1. GarPA

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    for you guys with some experience with lawnaire 28's...I know this is a slow machine...but yesterday I did a little test...did 9500 sq ft and it took me 50 the book says it can do up to 28k per hour...well I;m only getting a third of that pace...yard had no obstacles...when I try to go up even a slight grade I have to tip it back so it can get up the slope...just doesn't seem to be running at full rpm...b4 I go messing with the adjustments I wanted your opinion on if this thing is running slower than it should. If it is, any tips on how to get the rpms up??(I'm not real good on engine adjustments so tell me like a 2 year old)... it starts fine, runs fine...but man so s...l...o....w...thanks
  2. MHubes

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    I don't know what it is, either. I have a Lawnaire 28 that runs much slower than it should, however, the engine doesn't seem to be running low on RPM's. My machine will do about 15k of lawn in an hour, but that's still slower than it should. I was thinking maybe some belt tensioner or something?
  3. GarPA

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    well I hope we get some other points of view here...something is defintely not right and I have zero experience working on this are a little faster than me but not by much...I get $14 per 100ok so this yard was $140...not bad profit...but this thing is still very hard work and the fact it wont run up a slope is weird
  4. greensummer

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    The new Honda powered Ryan IV are very quick, easy to handle/manouever and fuel efficient. An operator can do at least 12 average size homes if not 13 per day. I'm buying one next Spring.

    As for your problem, sorry.;)
  5. Shady Brook

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    I would like to say that I own one of these, but that would be a lie. I have rented on a few occasions, and noticed the slow thing too. I goofed around with it as I did not have time to waste, and it seems the throttle cable was not working properly. If you look down where the little bunny indicator is on the throttle, you could not keep it up to max. I hooked up a bungy cable and it took right off like it should. No idea if this is your problem, but a new throttle cable at the dealer supposedly fixed the prob.

    Take care
  6. What engine is on your 28, Briggs-8? Adjust top RPMs at carb govenor. ( give engine # and I can give better info)
    If it is like the 4/5s and has a drive belt replace that, may look good but be slipping.
  7. GarPA

    GarPA LawnSite Silver Member
    from PA
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    Bob..the engine is a wisconsin/robin. I too think there might be a problem with the throttle cable but then I am about the dumbest machine person in this business. I lubed it, but when I try to back off the throttle cable a little bit so that I can go slower, when I engage the tines, the thing stops do you also think it should be doing more than 10,00O ft per hour? if you give me any mechanical tips, remember how dumb I am!! thanks very much for the help...
  8. Hows you overlaping?

    Invest is a $30 Tinytach. Keep a constant eye on engine speed.
  9. captdevo

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    tighten your belts lately??

    the belts should be checked nd adjusted.

    the problem is they aren't used that often, and you'll get memory in the belt and idler spring.

    my guess is tighten your's a heavy machine, with use, they'll stretch!!
  10. GarPA

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    ok here I go with my first pissed off question was about people who know this machine....dont tell me about fricking toys to attach to the damn thing....I asked a simple question...whats the avg pdoductivity per 1000k , should it not be able to crawl up a minor slope?....and if it can't, then tell me....yeah I'm cranky today...this thing has beaen me to **** the last few days....

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