Should this be covered under warranty?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DoetschOutdoor, Nov 30, 2007.

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    I've got 70 hours on my exmark lazer that I got about 2 months ago...about 3weeks ago, the deck belt came off, I put it back on no problem. Yesterday, on the first time I engaged the blades, it pops off. I put it back on, engaged it for 2 seconds and it popped off again. Now the belt is frayed.

    Go to the dealer, he tells me new belt is about $60 and proceeds to try and figure out why the belt is coming off. He finds that one of the pullies was extremely lose and was flexing alot more than it was designed to. He tightened it up and told me that was the reason the belt had slipped off and he seemed ticked off exmark wouldn't tighten this properly from the factory.
    My question is dont you think they should have to replace the now frayed belt due to the loose pully causing it to jump track?? I almost felt like a ****** not realizing the pully was extremely loose but this is my first ztr and I really had no idea how that part of the mower works..its only $60 but I kinda feel like Im paying for their mistake...
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    Absolutely...This was a manufacturing flaw, and he should place the call to Exmark. They WILL cover it...unless of course, they want to put it back on the dealer for assembly. Either way, it i NOT your fault...It is just a belt - they will replace it. This is goig to be a god test o dealer support. See if he will make the call It is SIXTY BUCKS!!!! If he doesn't, then YOU need to.
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    With out question. There should be no charge to you for any part of the repair, including labor to tighten the pulley and replace the frayed belt.
    I have no first hand knowledge of it, but I hear there are dealers that will double dip, change you for a repair and then submit a warranty claim....
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  4. Breezmeister

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  5. Envy Lawn Service

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    Yes.... it should be covered without question.

    Once I had a Lesco Z that had an idler pulley bearing wear out and SEIZE.
    So obviously is smoked a belt... scuffed it good... lol.

    Well anyways, I called for the parts and Lesco overnighted me a new pulley and belt.
    No questions, no nothing... and they didn't even ask me to take it to a service center to confirm...
    And to beat all, I think it was a month or two out of warranty at the time.

    I appreciated the jesture... man I'll miss that customer service...
  6. mattfromNY

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    Please let us know if they cover it for you. I am with everyone else, they SHOULD cover it, BUT I used to work at a dealership (not Exmark, a few other brands), and in my experiences dealing with OEMs, belts are wear items, and not covered by factory warranty. The dealer sets up the machine out of a crate, the set-up guy should have gone over EVERY nut and bolt (within reason, pulleys being well within reason as the decks are usually shipped seperate from the machine in the crate) to be sure they are within specs and should have caught the loose pulley in his once-over, and test run of the machine. The dealer probably seemed peeved, b/c his set up guy is the one who never tightened the pulley or checked the belt for excessive play.
    IMO, Exmark will probably make the dealer pay for the belt, or the dealer will have to really prove that it is the factories fault for the loose pulley to get it covered. keep on the dealer about this, ride his coat tails until he covers it for you, it is NOT YOUR fault! I would really like to know the outcome, keep us updated.
  7. supercuts

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    if i were you id be back in to pay your dealer a visit. any good dealer should have at least made the phone call to exmark for you. i would demand you money back on that belt. my 1 yr old mower w/550hrs just snapped a belt clean in half and they are warrenteing it.

    once again, it all comes down to good dealer support.
  8. mattfromNY

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    There is a difference, though, in a 'clean, snapped' belt vs. a worn belt due to a loose pulley that wasnt installed correctly when the mower was set up. A belt that snaps clean in half will usually break at the point it was glued together, hence a faulty manufactured product. Unless things have changed drastically in the last few years, I have never seen a OEM warranty a belt for any other reason. The dealer most likely have to eat the cost. It does all fall back to how good your dealer cherishes your business, and how much he will pull for you and cover your repairs.
  9. delphied

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    Well I dont know. You know these dealers need to make a little money in this industry too. Its only 60 bucks. Give the dealer a break this time and see if his support gets better in the future. They make very little on a new unit from what Ive read on Lawnsite.
  10. pugs

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    It should be covered...however technically they could wiggle out of it if they felt like it. Most any of this equipment has a line in their owners manual somewhere that says you are supposed to check all hardware for being tight before each use or some BS like that.

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