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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by marcusmac99, Mar 20, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    We've been getting many requests about doing tree trimming as part of our landscaping services for our commercial customers. We are talking about the full range of trees from the ones you can do with a pole saw to the forty footers. Knowing there must be some sort of license or certification needed to do anything higher than you can get to with a pole saw, I'm debating whether or not to buy a small tree service to get their licenses and equipment.

    I'm made very time I see my General Liability and Workman's comp bills now. I'm hesitant to see how much the insurance would be if we start working above ground.

    Any thoughts?

  2. If you become a full blown tree company(Buckets and stump grinders), you are going to hate what you pay 100x more.....unless the company is very well known and profitable, i would probably think 3 times about doing that.
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    There is no special License you need to trim or remove trees other than your County Occupational License. However there is a Arborist Certification Through the INSA. While it is not require for trimming Trees, It is a nice selling point. HOWEVER WORKERS COMP & LIABILITY INSURANCE will cost 10 time more money. That can be a deal breaker.

    Equipment can be as simple as a Folding Hand saw on up. Chippers are not faster than throwing branch in a dump truck. But a Chipper will allow you to carry 8 to 10 times more Tree debris.

    Bottom line you don't need to buy a company as much as you need to hire an experienced Climber and Tree trimmer.

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    Your insurance is going to be through the roof. companies like Davey and Asplundh didnt happen overnight. The start up costs are going to be high. Bucket trucks, cranes, chipper and dump. Not to mention experienced crews to run it all. An experienced climber/arborist wont be found for 10 bucks an hour either. You've seen customers go into vapor lock over mowing prices wait until you start quoting 4 and 5 digit figures. Buttloads of money to be made during storms and when insurance is paying. Commercial will maybe get you the castoffs from the big boys.:usflag:

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