Should your opinion be expressed?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1MajorTom, Jul 29, 2002.

  1. 1MajorTom

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    If you haven't used a piece of equipment firsthand, please don't comment on it.

    This is taken straight from the posting guidelines:

    (* Opinions that slam a manufacturer or product must be backed up with detailed professional facts! If you don't own or have not owned or operated a particular piece of equipment or product your opinion is worthless and will not be expressed at the expense of manufacturer slander. It is much more appropriate to express a company/product complaint in a professional manner.

    Lately we have been getting opinions about equipment from folks who have not even used it before. We want to keep Lawnsite as helpful as possible to all the members here. To do so, we want to hear first hand experiences from you, not hearsay.
    Thanks. :)
  2. Jimbo

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    There is a good point to be made here, but I think that there is a big difference between opinions, and bashing.

    If people cannot offer opinions based on common sense then this will turn into a pretty lame site.

    But bashing or slamming a product (like Ford VS Chevy) guys do is rediculous. Case in point read The Jungle Jims thread. I strongly addressed what I felt was an opinion and in no way did I feel it was bashing, but some might have not saw it that way.

    Even the Company acknowedged the acceptance of good and bad reveiews, after all some of these products are just prototypes and the MFG's are requesting feedback.

    I dont know what the answer is? I know I will try to stick by the guidlines, because I want to play by the rules, but if we cant offer opinions what good is this site?
  3. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator
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    "but if we cant offer opinions what good is this site?"

    That's the point... making as valuable as possible to the community and/or the readers.

    An opinion might weigh heavily on a consumers decision so that makes an opinion a very important thing. Its our responsibility to try and make sure information being read is as valuable and forthright as possible. (even though is not responsible for the opinions or content within)

    Your input is very much appreciated... keep em coming. :):cool:
  4. Russo

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    I know that I'm guilty of pokin fun at some of the new fangle what-ya-ma-bobs that come on the market. Your point is well taken. I'll still poke fun, but after reading up on all of Eric's post ( I did not know him well and wished I had ), I find myself asking the question "How would he respond to a particular post?"

    I never saw him bash or tear people down.
  5. Alan Bechard

    Alan Bechard LawnSite Member
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    Kind of the idea of a BB to me is to post my opinion.

    I would hope that others that post have knowledge and experience that they base their posts on but ultimately it is up to me to either accept or reject their reccomendations.

    The other great thing about a BB format is that it allows discussion. He says X is Junk! and you come back with Why? And so on and so forth, it gives you the abiltity to see things from others perspective and not just take one comment as factual. You have the oppurtunity to investigate.

    My 2 cents.

    Al B
  6. Doc Pete

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    Things can always get really ugly. FWIW, on my hobby forum we had a very sad case where one Manufacture actually had friends offer opinions that bad mouthed their competition. It took a while to trace, but sure enough the truth came out. I thought I’d seen and heard every “flame wars story” out there, until this. So, while opinions are good, sometimes those of us that “really know” must step in, and get involved, and set the record straight.
    Hope this helps.

  7. lawnboy11

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    good points
  8. lx665

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    How about disclosure? I would like to know if you are getting some kind of a kick back for endorsing a piece of equipment. What I mean by kick back is, a price break, free use, or a free mower like has been done in the past. There is nothing wrong with a kick back (or whatever you want to call it) that’s business. I would just like to know about it.
  9. Doc Pete

    Doc Pete LawnSite Gold Member
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    That's a fine idea. I have no problem with that. I push Hustlers to the end. In fact I email the owner on a regular basis, but the most I've gotten is a hat. I push Hustler because I've "tried the rest and bought the best". Not everyone has access to nice dealers, as I do, that let you demo a dixie chopper, bobcat, Scag, Grasshopper, Wright, Ferris or Hustler. I got tired of going back and forth to the dealer with my trailer;)

  10. AGG Lawn Maintenance

    AGG Lawn Maintenance LawnSite Senior Member
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    Although I only make comments on mowers blowers etc I have used. I agree with Chuck. Some guys know people who have used those mowers/blowers. It might mean the diffrence of spending $10,000 or not. Not that you should base what you do solely on this forum, it does bring some things we might not have thought about to light. Travis

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