Should zeon zoysia look like this after two weeks?


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I just had zeon zoysia sod put in my front yard 2 weeks ago.
Lawn was sprayed with Roundup 2 weeks before new sod install to kill existing bermuda and weeds.

They removed old dead Bermuda, tilled soil, added humichar (or some soil nutrient)graded it and laid new zeon zoysia sod squares.
Then the rolled it. I even had them re-roll a week later.

They put down some fertilizer at the beginning of week 2. I thought this was strange to fertilize this early

I was told to water 15min/zone once a day. I have dine this. Plus we had lots of rain.
April 23 was sod install.
The avg temp has been around 72 deg. Few days in the low 80’s.

Its may 7 and this is what my turf looks like now.
I will say that when i pull up on it, its seems rooted to the ground.
I just see more brown and not much greenup after two weeks when comparing to other 2 week sods.
It actually seemed slightly greener when it was put in.
I check moisture levels daily and the meter reads WET 4” deep.
Does this look normal for two weeks or has a lot of this grass died?


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Its not dead, but it does look too dry to me. It will recover.

I would be watering new sod more frequently than 15min once per day. More like 5-10 minutes multiple (3-4) times per day for the first 2-3 weeks, then long deep waterings once every morning (assuming no rain) until I was happy with it, then pare back to 2-3x a week in the mornings.

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