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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Keith, Dec 25, 1999.

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    I know this kinda sounds like a strange question, but has anyone had recent trouble with shovels? We do quite a bit of irrigation repairs and landscaping. I have been using a couple of fiberglass handle shovels we bought several years back, one was from Lesco, and one from somewhere else but they were pretty much the same. The one from Lesco was like four years old. It finally broke a couple of weeks back. <p>I purchased two more Ames that looked about like the one from Lesco. One broke the handle within days the other fragged the blade part. So I bought a Hisco (heavier), and damn if it didn't have broken blade within two days. They all have True Temper blades, the Hisco was heavier. By broke I mean the collar, has like torn and cracked down the blade. They look like they've been run over. Have they really started making these things cheap or am I just beating the crap out of these things.
  2. SLSNursery

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    We sell a couple of different brands of shovels at our nursery. Ames just bought True Temper,and because these two brands are usually available at the chain stores, we haven't re-ordered from either company. Unless you get the top of the line within those or any other brand, they are not heavy duty or warrantied. We have had luck with the Union Tools, Razorback line. In fact they make a super heavy duty fiberglass shovel which is guaranteed for life and can take a beating without failure. We have not had many problems with the Union line, and the company stands behind its product. <p>And, for the record, it seems like handles from all companies have been weaker in recent years. We have some old tools with original handles still in tact, while the newer ones have been replaced already. Not sure why, maybe younger wood is being used instead of mature heartwood.<p>If you are local to Southern CT, stop by our store to see a line of the Razorback tools, or contact us to find a dealer in your area.<p>Phil Grande<br><p>----------<br>Phil Grande - Soundview Landscape Supply<br><br>
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    I have noticed the same problems with wood handle or fiberglass they are made for crap. We used to spend some big bucks buying the best I thought they broke the same as the cheapy. So now we just buy the cheap ones and buy a few more to have in stock. But for spades we use king of spades it a metal spade it works great. For bed edging or diggout out rocks and bushes or rotts it take a beating and then some more. They are little heavier then other but seem to work better mostly when ground is rock hard weight helps. But rest cheap $ 5 to 10 shovels if it breaks owell throw it in trash pick up a new one or two.
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    hey gang! if you guys go to home depot and buy their best commercial grade shovel and it breaks, you have the right to take it back and get another! home depot, which stocks ames products, shouldn't argue with you if you bring the tool back. <p>my problem with my own logic is, since time is money, who can afford to break off of a money making job to go exchange a broken tool, even if it is warranted 'till heck freezes!<p>my anecdotal personal experience is that if I break a shovel, I've worked too hard and it's time to head back to the shed! happy y2k to all. keep us informed on the quality of the hand tools ut there!<p>GEO

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    If you buy the best craftsman hand tools from sears you can take them back also.
  6. SLSNursery

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    Hey guys - not that I want to knock the big chain stores, but even small independents like us will swap tools if they are warrantied. You don't even have to buy the best, just really good ones if they are warrantied. Chances are if you ask a store owner or knowledgable sales person, he will tell you which ones have NOT been a problem.<p>PHIL<p>----------<br>Phil Grande - Soundview Landscape Supply<br>
  7. JJ Lawn

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    I go along with the Craftsman brand. As long as the name &quot;Craftsman&quot; is on the tool they will replace it no questions asked, and you don't have to have a receipt. Even though I save all my receipts, my filing system (shoe box) is a real mess and I don't carry it with me. So if I break something in the field all I have to do is go to Sears. A lot of the other stores that I have done business with require a receipt for returns. And if they see ya too many times with a broke tool they're likely to throw ya out...:) <p>I don't know how this will work for a big company that has a lot of employees' that are always breaking things cause it's not theirs. But it works fine for a Father an Son team. <p>----------<br>Jim.....from Fouke, Arkansas (Home of the Boggy Creek Monster)<br>
  8. ashlandscaping

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    Sears has a makes a list and if your name keeps coming up they can a will refuse to warrty it. At first thats all I bought was craftmans tool then after haveing to keep returning tool they told me that they dont warrnty for comm. use even after I dined that it was for that they pulled up a list of all the tool yard and hand tools that I have replaced in 2 years and told me that they find that hard to believe. Plus when you purchase they used to take your name and info or get it from credit card or check and asked why 1 person needed 10 shovels for. Maybe it was just since I had a lot of tool replacement but thats par for the course with emploies. Maybe for father son company or 2 man company will work out for them. Happy New Year!!!!!
  9. SLSNursery

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    Union Razorback tools are designed and sold to professionals for commercial work. No receipt, no problem. We have chronic tool breakers change types - maybe to a different style shovel or rake. And we find out how they break in order to give feedback to the company rep. <p>----------<br>Phil Grande - Soundview Landscape Supply<br>
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    i hate when stuff breaks when you first buy it. i bought a hoe and it broke the first time i used it.:realmad:

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