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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by gogetter, Apr 10, 2001.

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    Anyone have good sources (catalogs, online companies, etc.) that have a good assortment of landscape tools like shovels, pitchforks, rakes, pruners, etc.???
    Any good brand names to look for?
    Alot of the stuff at Sears and even Home Depot seemed very low quality.
    Any leads appreciated.

  2. SCL

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  3. greens1

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    one good place is .
    anouther good place is American Arborist, you have to call 1800-441-8381 and ask them to send you a catalog. Expect to pay between 50 and 70 bucks for a good shovel.
    Good Luck
    Jim L
  4. diginahole

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    Good day,
    I have no idea where to get them but Speare and Jackson makes the best spade I have ever owned.
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    The best shovel I have owned was a no-name with a red fiberglas handle which I bought at a yard sale for $2.

    Sears are good if you are in the habit of running tools over or using them as prybars and breaking handles; they replace for free, no questions asked.
  6. gene gls

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    $70 for a shovel? I would rather buy a new one every few years at sears or home depot.
  8. greens1

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    I use a King of Spades Diamond pointe shovel, Forged blade, thick wide rubber footpads and zinc plated aircraft tubing D-handle. I use this shovel for everything and the foot pads mean I can get 20 trees in the ground, without sore feet for the next two days. The price you pay for a tool or equiptment isn't in the catalog, it's in the field. It cost arround 65 bucks and I ordered 3 more today, just incase they stop making them. Remember bad tools are like bad friends, they let you down when you need them most.
    Jim L
  9. SCL

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    If you"re looking to pry a lot of trees out or looking to heavy abuse, buy a steel handled shovel. Otherwise you can't beat a good old wood handle. I haven't had much luck with fiberglass but would like to try on of the Agri Drain models.
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    We utilize two types of hand tools - disposable and those that should last awhile.

    For disposable - we find the cheapest, usually ames or = from home depot - for plastic leaf rakes, metal leaf rakes, plastic scoop shovels and maybe brooms, items that will not typically last for more than a season or maybe even spring cleanup.

    The items we should maintain - spades, shovels, hard rakes, pitchforks, etc. - come from a nursery where we may spend upwards of $60/spade, but are usually guaranteed a free replacement when it breaks, and it does...Costly tools are also engraved with a number, so we can track it. We have spent way too much money in the past in tools left at a job or at the dump. It really irks me when I'm at the far reaches of a property and find tools just laying there, from the last time we were at the site.

    The nursery carries a few brands including the razorback line, and they have catalogs.

    Again, think of customer service, sometimes you need to pay a little $$$, but the end return may be worth it.

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