Show me evidence of Quick 36 cut quality!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Gbug, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Gbug

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    Ok guys, Im thinking about pullin the trigger on a 36" Samurai in the next couple of weeks...but I want to see the cut quality for myself, as in pictures. I want to know if the Quicks can satisfactorly mulch a week's worth of heavy St. Augustine growth. We service upper middle class residentials, and the cut has to be nearly flawless. Lots of guys around here run Exmarks; that should give you an indication of what kinda cut the Q36 needs to have to be competetive. Oh, and we mulch exclusively, so a pic with a S/D cut aint gonna help. So if you got em, please post your pictures of what a Q36 can do. We cut St. Augustine down here in Texas, so that's what I'm really kind of lookin for.
  2. Gbug

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    Ok well if nobody has any pictures, does someone want to share their experiences of mulching with the Q36?
  3. mhussey

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    You need to do a search on guy that goes by Jameson. He has a very in depth picture thread with them running the Quick through some high end accounts with very lush grass. Pics look pretty darn nice.
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    I asked the manufacturer for some feedback on mulching performance on low cut Bermuda type turf and was given a general answer you'd expect of "it does fine" but no pics or specifics.

    I have a hard time believing a machine that sends clippings from two blades to the right hand one to do all the mulching and expects it to not leave a windrow on that edge is asking a lot. Bagging and discharging pics available look great, but I noted that 100% of them seem to be on cool season turf, mostly bluegrass.

    I agree that you need "proof" of how any mower does on the type turf you have and the type of clippings handling you need it for. Down here, there are dozens of user reports about mowers like Exmark and Walker. I've owned a lot of different mowers and one that will not do what you need it to do the way you want it to do it is worthless, even though it may be excellent for other types of users.
  5. Gbug

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    Exactly what I have noticed, it would be nice to see some southern turf.

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