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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by ron, Aug 6, 2002.

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    After slightly after a year, I figured out this getting-the-website-displayed-high thing.

    We are in Portland, Oregon. My website must compete for listings in 3 industry facets - landscaper, designer, tree service.

    Go to and see where we display for each of:

    Portland landscape design
    Portland landscape designer
    Portland landscape designers

    Portland tree service
    Portland tree services

    Portland tree care

    Portland pruning

    Portland arborist
    Portland arborists
    Portland certified arborists

    Portland landscape
    Portland landscaper

    "Portland" can be substituted with "Beaverton" or "Tigard" and we still do fairly reasonable.

    And that's for 3 areas of website placement competition.

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    I like the name - a bit different from the worn path of rank and file landscape names.

    Your text would be easier to read if it was dark green or black - just the main text, not the perimeter of the page.

    Are you able to put a darker green button so the orange text is visible?
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    Hey MD, I liked your advice about using darker text and I also darkened the button text. What do you think of it now? It does seem to be much easier to read now.

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    Anyone have any suggestions for anything to add to my borther's website? I have a estimate calculator and samples of work, but I am wondering if I am missing anything.

    It's a landscape curbing business, so I am not sure if I am in the correct forum... but feedback is always good.

    Cutting Edge Curbs


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    Here is my shameless plug. Let me know what you think. Thanks everyone!
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