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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by ron, Aug 6, 2002.

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    If you are talking about the past KFC, McDonalds, and the other ones that show a history of the companys, you actually have to click on the spelled out names of the companies beside their logos. As far as the rest of the links they require you to double click them. There is one at the bottom with the street signs that is non functional because it is kinda an extra link that I haven't made go anywhere yet. Thank you for the feedback!! I want to make my site the best that it can possibly be!
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    Hey rave386 I like your site! Simple easy to read. Right to the point about what you offer and pictures. Whats it cost to run that a month? Do you have to pay for how ever many clicks it takes or a monthly agreement. Just wondering, I have ours made just waiting to launch it.
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    needs an update , but does get me some work
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    Thank You. I used Yahoo's Sitebuilder to build the site and their hosting service. It costs me 8.95 a month.

    - Matt
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    Coming from an Opera user, your main content shows up really low on the page on my computer.

    Might want to see how Firefox users see your site. Even though Opera is less compatible with certain sites it is pretty similar to Firefox, which is more widely used.

    I like the template you have though. Looking good from internet explorer :)

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    Ok heres mine... Its in the making right now.. Its not done, i just haven't had time lately to work on it..
    my website is actually BUT the server just isn't working with me.. If you click the link or copy/paste the site below you will see what its SUPPOSE to look like. I use globat and for some reason its not reading my css file.

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