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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by ron, Aug 6, 2002.

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    Comments welcome
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    equipguy-quote is spelled qoute on your nav bars.
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    Thanks Bubble Boy I appreciate your help.
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    Very nice Site Alan as well as everyone else, fine Job. Just when I thought I was caught up now I see this, well, "let me get busy".
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    Here's my website. I'm proud of it, cause I did it myself but I'm no computer expert. Also, NetObjects is a pretty sucky program. It has lots of unexplained glitches. In other words, it's really easy to change something and work with it and get it the way you want only to find that when you "publish" (put it up on the net) it's all wrong, not what you wanted and forget about fixing it.

    But all of that aside, my site has a lot of the content that I wanted my customers to see. And it's getting more and more. And to me, that's what's important.

    Several of these forums members have emailed me with solutions but as I'm in my busiest season right now, I plan on exploring the possible solutions as soon as business slows down. But for now, here it is:

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