Show off your wrapped truck and/or trailer!

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Mow Mony, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. JContracting

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    I have a buddy that had his truck wrapped but it started bubbling & peeling and he took it all off. Not sure if it was a quality issue or what but it has been extremely cold here and that may have contributed to it.

    As for not having your company name as your user name or the title of your pic thread, I do the same! And for those that have pics on here, why do you not watermark them?
    With using a photobucket acct to upload them, don't have your photobucket username be anything company name related.
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  2. Efficiency

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    PM me your cell and I'll text some pics to you. We can talk more too.
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  3. humble1

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    if you had your company name on here talking about the profitability of X then a customer sees it, that could ruin that relationship with your customer becasue they would feel gouged
  4. whiffyspark

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    Yeah but your customer doesn't know your cost of doing business either.

    A lot of people don't add all their costs in when coming to profitability.

    I don't post prices on here and most don't. But Thats another thing to think about
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  5. KrayzKajun

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    To the OP. here u go. My enclosed. (Without phone numbers on it). My graphics guy is awesome. For my 18' trailer w/ full wrap and the new logos on my dually was $2700.


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  6. ed2hess

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    Thanks for posting yours very nice, don't know why others don't post:dizzy:
  7. Scott@CPS

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    I don't have a landscaping company yet, still in the process of setting it up. But I do run a pool service and here are a couple of our trucks. Our lawn trucks will be wrapped the same, but with grass instead of water.

  8. jsslawncare

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    I laugh every time I see this kind of post on LS. I remember one time a guy posted that he would be glad to offer advice to anyone who ask but then said he wouldn't reveal who he was. That was on about his 3rd post. And I guess he disappeared after that too.
    Like A&W I have nothing to hide either.
  9. whiffyspark

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    Read the first 3 pages. Lol
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  10. Mow Mony

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    appreciate the pics and feedback!

    Krayzee, did your graphics guy cut out around each of the rivets on the side panels? I'm about to order a 7x16 second enclosed with "Screwless" sides that are bonded with 3m, and no rivets and the metal is a bit thicker as well... two different trailer suppliers said it would be much easier to wrap than one with rivets(Its like a $75 price difference) so I don't think they were just trying to upsell me, it does make sense. Though the way your guy did it wasn't something I even thought of. Looks really nice man, I'm sure you will get enough business over the life of the wrap to more than pay for it!

    Our 6x12 trailer has riveted sides though, and the wrap guy who did the estimate didnt say anything about it being an issue, so I plan to do both trailers(one with rivets and one without) and see if it makes a difference or not in how the wrap holds up.

    Scott, the partial wraps on your trucks are exactly the size I have in mind for ours, and your turned out great!

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