show up; I dont need it cut.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by E-man, Sep 7, 2001.

  1. E-man

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    during the dry weather we had, we had shown up to a few places and the owners have come out and said not to cut. I clearlystated in my yearly letter that in times of dry weather to please call and let us know it dont need cut .I even told them to please call next time and they still dont. They act like my time does not matter. Most of them are curtious to call though, its just a small handfull that Im tired of dealing with. So my question is ,do you guys have a small charge for just showing up. I dont feel its the best option but when you have an employee in the truck and yourself thats time and money wasted.:mad:
  2. bridges

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    You would have to ride the route the night before.

    Even better Setup webcams of those

  3. Eric ELM

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    I would put in my yearly letter next time if they cancel when you show up, there will be a show up fee of $xx.00 if they do not call the night before.
  4. Evan528

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    You know people this day in age....... "fee, huh?, Oh i called last night you must have not gotten my message"
  5. Grasshog

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    You do realize these people hired you because they are busy enough in life like it is. I wouldnt expect them to call me.

    I just try to make use of the extra time on your hands.

    I do like Tony"s idea. I think I"m going to try that.
  6. eslawns

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    If I decide it doesn't need mowing, no fee.

    Otherwise, they get one warning. If you want to skip this week, I need to know before I begin the route. Just like late fees, I hate to do it, but some clients are more trouble than they are worth. My time is valuable.
  7. Well this is one of the times I am going to take some of the advice that has been given here on I am going to add this no call charge to my contracts for next season. Do you guys think full charge or a smaller fee? And how much of a fee would you suggest?

  8. kutnkru

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    You will basically know how many times per season you are going to render services to your clients. Divide this number over the duration of your your season (8-10-12 months) and then you will have a steady flow of income.

    Our biz is the law of averages. For example:
    If they only get 28 of 32 cuts this season but they paid for it anyway, then next year if they receive 34 or 35 cuts, they pay the same amount as they did this year.

    Hope this helps.
  9. 65hoss

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    I tell people up front I cut weekly. If it absolutely doesn't need to be cut then I will skip it. But it is my decision. Not theirs. This eliminates people saving a buck on the lawn guy.
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    You can't get it if it's not in the contract.So for next season I would put it in when they sign it and make sure it's pointed out in bold print or another color.I would keep the price the same charge as the lawn cut It takes just as much time to go thru the motions of going there then talking to them and so forth.At least you will have a signed contract if they don't want to pay then just bring them to court if all else fales.

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