Show up to bid same day and find it already being mowed

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jason Rose, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. Jason Rose

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    How irritating... Large retirement complex in town, roughly 120,000 sq. ft. I got the call to bid it at about 11:00 this morning and when I went by to look at it tonight at 6:00 it was being weedeated by a local landscaper! He dosn't even DO lawn care he told me.

    The lady on the phone wanted BIDS. I feel like calling her in the morning just like I said I would and telling her that I'd do it for 100 bucks, but seeings that they couldn't wait 12 hours for my bid, too bad. No I'd never do it for that, but it just kills me that people are so impatient that they just keep calling people in the book untill they find one that's not busy that minute and BOOM they have the job. Has nothing to do with price, reputation, or quality. First come, first walks away with the $$$$.

    This is why I see the SOLO guys really suffering. Most of us can't drop everything at a whims notice and go bid a new property. However, most of the larger companies either the owner does bidding and paper work all day or there is actually someone that does bidding for the company. So the call goes out to 2 businesses, Solo mow and Giant mow. Giant mow's owner rides around and does bids, estimates, measuring, ect. and checks on crews working around town all day. The phone rings and he can be at xyz retirement home in 30 minutes. He can bid it and not care one bit how complicated and hard to mow it is because there are mowing crews to deal with it, all he sees is the check and the complaints. He's the first there and most likely, as long as the price isn't off the wall, the one to get the job.

    Solo guy (me) has to tell the potential customer that it will be the evening or perhaps the next day before I can look at the property. I promise to look at asap and call first thing in the am. All day I am picturing it (as I know the prop somewhat) and wondering about a new mower to help me speed my jobs up so I can take on something like this. My best thoughts are of the extra income! I can shuffle my schedule and move a number of lawns around and make room for at least a half to 3/4 or a day in my schedule I just know it... Well poo. Don't count your chickens before their hatched.....

    The big guys will keep getting bigger while the little guys will have to keep flailing to keep their heads above water...
  2. Wolfie's L&L

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    How do you not know that they are looking for someone else to service the property so they can get rid of the one that they have now? Maybe he's doing a crappy job and they want to see who else is out there to take over, and he just happened to be working at the same time you were there?

    Just my observation while I was reading the post.

  3. Jason Rose

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    OK, i guess I was a bit vague with that... YES they want someone else to service the property. That's a definate, the preivous lco had some sort of falling out with the management and is not wanted back on the property. The guy I ran into working there was the new comapny doing it. I guess they didn't even want to wait to see if anyone else was cheaper... I did inquire as to what the problem was, not that it was my business, but I thought if it was service related it would be nice to know (ie. wasn't edging sidewalks. wasn't blowing off clippings. stuff like that)

    I have acquired a number of properties this way. Usually they just come out and say it, " so-n-so wouldn't blow off my patio even after I asked" or " He was cutting it higher than any other lawn in my neghiborhood and when I asked him to cut it at 3" he wanted an extra $5 per cut." (he runs the same mowers as I do, takes 1/4 of a second to push a lever with your thumb and adjust accordingly)
  4. Lake Claire Lawn Ranger

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    Or maybe he's just doing it until they decide on who's service they will go with.
    What else did he say besides 'He dosn't even DO lawn care'?
  5. Steppenwolf

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    100 bucks for about 2 and a half acres,most likely lots of trimming and blowing, be better off with out it.
  6. Jason Rose

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    He said that ^, but also added that he does do the mowing for a local home contractor (very upscale neghiborhood). Said he dosn't mind them since they are all new and wide open. Didn't seem too interested in doing this property but also said he was maybe going to have to add a mower (I think all he has is a lesco 48" walk) Seems like he's serious about keeping it. I kinda hinted to him that I wanted it too, even though I am pretty booked up.
  7. iluvscag

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    Sound's like my Uncle Jimmy's kind of company. They do 450 accounts and he just goes around doing contracts and looking at the crews. :)
  8. lawnman_scott

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    Reading comprehension is a great thing.
  9. Jason Rose

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    I said I was just joking about the 100 bucks... Honestly I didn't even look at it closely at all after finding that it was already taken.

    He told me that there are 2 court yard areas, I said yeah she told me that on the phone. he said, did she tell you how you have to get to them? I said no... He said you have to push a 21" mower down A HALLWAY INSIDE THE BUILDING!!! This is inside where the residents live! Plus you have to then cart the clippings and the mower back outside.
  10. Jason Rose

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    THANK YOU!!! man I should wait a bit before I try to fix everyones reading issues huh?

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