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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by MidAtlantic, Nov 16, 2004.

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    I use a Fernco - Proflex model ( 3001- 43 or 3001- 44 ), depending on downspout size ( I use either 3 or 4" copper pipe ). I get them at a local plumbing supply just call arround, you may have to order them but a larger PS should have them in stock. I pay around $ 8.00 ea. for them. make sure you get the 3001 series ( plastic to Copper ). I use a 4" street 90, then tie that into the copper with the Fernco.

    They make a special lube to help slide the Fernco over the pipe, I highly recomend using it.:)

    Best of luck,
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    I went over my alloted time to edit my post #40, so here is my final edit of most of the text in that post. The pics are up there.
    "Active, 'Tamuke yama', two words. Root stock was Acer palmatum. Many that I grafted on this occasion were var. atropurpureum or somewhat so. The age of the under stock was probably about 3-4 years, most were well branched, 1g. The under stock appeared to be of local origin. I don't think a single graft will necessarily grow any faster than a multiple grafted plant. If any thing, the additional foliage on additional trunks and branches may actually encourage more rapid growth as there is more food manufacturing, photosynthesis. I don't remember the specifics of transplants but it was held too long in a gallon and may have been transplanted into a 3g before being planted in the ground. It remained in a container until planted in the ground in 1998. It was transplanted to it's current site in about 2000 and I estimate it's height at about 24" to 30" at that time. It is now about 9' across and 4' 2" tall. No pruning to speak of and no intentional root pruning aside from the planting and transplanting. After the last transplanting I did install a branch separator for about a year. I felt that the largest two stems were too close. It worked just fine. You can't edit these posts, can you? The pictures that I previously posted were made in January and April, 2003."
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    Okay, I can't get this picture deal right. Who can help me get pictures on here from My Pictures
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    Great looking work everyone. Here is an armour stone wall that my brother and I did last year. Each block weights about 2000 lbs. The wall is about 55' long.


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    How about some hydroseeding?

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    Here's a job we did earlier this year. 6.5' tall columns with one that was split to accomodate a motorized gate. We built and installed the gate and fencing along w/ the stonework,hydroseeding, the driveway and also did all the site work. Plantings was by others

    McinVilSqFio 021.jpg

    McinVilSqFio 025.jpg

    McinVilSqFio 028.jpg

    McinVilSqFio 054.jpg
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    Another wall, sign and plantings we installed

    McinVilSqFio 009.jpg
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    A job we did this summer. Design and install by us, including a rock that was drilled to be a fountain, the stonework, plantings and some of the heated pavers.

    McinVilSqFio 030.jpg

    McinVilSqFio 031.jpg

    McinVilSqFio 036.jpg

    McinVilSqFio 037.jpg

    McinVilSqFio 043.jpg
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    a couple more after....will post more of other work later

    McinVilSqFio 048.jpg

    McinVilSqFio 049.jpg
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    Very impressive work. I don't do much stone, so I find that particularly impressive.

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